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The Eight--NYC, Dec 8, 2007

logoTHE EIGHT: (Eight Hanukah shows taking place, all on December 8)

New York, NY - Webster Hall
$20 advance/$25 day of show // 7 PM // 18+

Hadag Nachash - One of the most successful bands to emerge from Israel in the past decade, Hadag Nachash is a live hip-hop band with a Middle Eastern edge. Hadag Nachash has established its reputation with conscious lyrics and songs that have proven unforgettable even if you don't know the language. http://myspace.com/hadagnachash

Budos Band - The quintessence of Staten Island afro-soul recently released their second album, Budos Band II, on Daptone Records. A 12-piece riot of juicy horns, frenzied drums, psychedelic Farfisa, and fat guitars that whip Afrobeat, Ethiopian, Latin, and funk ingredients into a uniquely danceable mess.

Soulico - A 4 member DJ Crew from Tel Aviv, Soulico are the first DJ's in the Middle East to master the trifecta of production, turntablism, and party-rocking skills. Soulico has garnered incredible respect and critical acclaim both for their original songs and their unique mash-ups that blend Israeli melodies with American hip-hop tracks. myspace.com/soulicocrew

For more information, please contact Dave Cirilli: 212.246.7044 or email.

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