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Di Tsvey—Greenman & Rushefsky, NYC, 14 Dec 2010

Di TsveyDi Tsvey

Tue Dec 14, 8.30 pm
Sixth Street Synagogue: 325 East Sixth Street (b/n 1st and 2nd Ave)

In a rare NYC concert, Di Tsvey – Pete Rushefsky (tsimbl) and Steven Greenman (violin) present a performance of “Concert Form Klezmer,” a new model of composition and performance inspired by western and eastern classical musics as well as Jewish mysticism. Pete Rushefsky is a leading performer of the Jewish tsimbl (cimbalom/hammered dulcimer) and serves as Executive Director of the Center for Traditional Music and Dance in New York City, dedicating to maintaining the vibrancy of immigrant performing arts traditions. Steven Greenman is an internationally renowned violinist and the co-founder of some of North America’s leading ensembles dedicated to Jewish klezmer and Eastern European music, including Khevrisa, Budowitz and Harmonia. The two appear on Greenman’s recent albums of original compositions, “Stempenyu’s Neshome” and “Stempenyu’s Dream.”

Cover: $15 (includes a drink).

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