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Brian Bender & Little Shop of Horas, Ulm, Germany, 10 Nov, 2012

brian benderBrian Bender & Little Shop of Horas - 2012 Germany & Austria Tour

10 November, 2012, 20:00
1140 Vienna (A)
Hadikgasse 62

Phone: 0043 189 40094

Little Shop of Horas performs original and traditional Jewish melodies blended with Latin, Caribbean, African and Middle Eastern rhythms.

The group is an international band made up of musicians from three countries:

Brian Bender (USA) - trombone, melodica, piano, vocals, composer
Charles Rappaport (France - Klezmer Kaos) - fiddle, vocals
Alexander Maier (Germany - Mesinke) - clarinet, saxophone
Bartek Stanczyk (Germany - Global Shtetl Band) - accordion, melodica, vocals
Markus Milian Mueller (Germany - Global Shtetl Band) - double bass, electric bass, vocals
Thilo Joergl (Germany - Mesinke) - percussion, guitar
Don Cerebro (Germany - Global Shtetl Band) - drums

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