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Balagan Café, Florence, Italy, 18 Jun 2015

We open up again tonight, for out third year of Balagan Café, the summer festival we host in the garden of the Jewish Community of Florence. Past editions have seen a lot of people coming to enjoy music, literature, food - and we’ve been lucky enough to be able to host some friends of this list, including just to name a few, Jeff Warschawer and Deborah Strauss, Steve Weintraub, Avery Gosfield w/ Lucidarium, Sharon Bernstein and Francesco Spagnolo, Diana Matut and Andreas Schmitges, Ruth Gruber. This year our very special guest from overseas will be Frank London, on Thursday August 30th; tonight, with the help of the “Balagan Cafe Orchestra" Enrico Fink will be performing a monologue with music called “La mamma, l’angelo e la ciambella” that deals with Italian Jewish music and Italian Jewish stories and Italian Jewish food - especially from Ferrara. You can read about the Balagan in some English articles on the web such as these


see the website for this year’s dates, won’t be open every Thursday)
Florence, via Farini 4 (in front of the Great Synagogue)
Enrico Fink, artistic director

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