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"Klezmerwelten" Fest in Germany, Jan - Jun 2003

Jewish Klezmer music comes to life in the town of Gelsenkirchen between February and June 2003. The project named "Klezmerwelten" highlights not only Klezmer music itself, but also provides a broader view over the function of music in society. The department of culture of the town of Gelsenkirchen and various supporters of the project offer a programme that includes an exhibition, concerts, a ballet performance and dance-workshop, further training course, film showings, a symposium and lectures. The department of culture has worked in close cooperation with scholars from the fields of music and history to design this project.


The festival is actually the best thing Germany has come up with. The exhibition is excellent and definitely deserves to be publicized. Paul Baumann is a good man with a kind attitude and the energy he put into this massive undertaking (21 concerts over several months plus films, exhibition and widespread media coverage) should be rewarded with a purple heart. You can quote me if you need to. We were treated like royalty, far beyond the call of duty.

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