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Alexandria Kleztet, Delusions of Klezmer

Decent wide-angle b/w of the band with reasonably nice type. see, it is not so hard to look decent!One of my favorite of the new post-revival, "traditional" suburban American klezmer bands is the Alexandria Kleztet. Their second CD, "Delusions of Klezmer" only increases my affection. This is wonderfully-well-performed klezmer with everything American music influencing something traditional, yet new.

Read the review at www.klezmershack.com/bands/alexandria/delusions/alexandria.delusions.html">


After reading the review and then purchasing the CD, I can state that everything the review promised a listener to Delusions of Klezmer was rewarded, three-fold. This group certainly has the traditions of the music at heart, even when they expand on those elements of expression. There's so much subtlty in these performances that, as the review stated, each relistenings brings new appreciation for the treasure awaiting within...Bravo Alexandria Kleztet!

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