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Websites on Jewish Liturgical Music

An exchange between Joel Bresler and Sam Weiss on the Jewish-Music list last summer elicited some excellent items about Jewish Liturgical music:

First, Joel posted the following link to a site with a good, articles on Jewish liturgy and liturgical music: www.liturgica.com/html/litJLit.jsp?hostname=liturgica

I found that I had to search on "Jewish Liturgy" to find the wealth of articles on the site--I didn't find a table of contents. But there are some very interesting-looking articles, for sure.

Sam Weiss, responded to Joel's post, noting: ... The article by Eliyahu Schleiffer [in three parts on this site. ari] is an excellent "thumbnail course" on Jewish liturgical music.... I'd like to return the favor by pointing out the following wonderful website on cantors of Alsace-Lorraine, with some great sound files: www.sdv.fr/judaisme/histoire/rabbins/hazanim/index.htm

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