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Elliott Simon reviews in "Squids Ear"

Elliott Simon writes to the Jewish-Music mailing list:

album cover"Hi...just wanted to make those interested aware of a website that caters to NYC experimental/improvisational music and as such does feature/promote a fair amount of Jewish influenced jazz CDs/concerts. It is run by Kurt Gottschalk who I met at the recent NYC visions festival. At which, BTW, Erik Friedlander, Greg Cohen and Mark Friedman performed an incredible set as the Masada String Trio. They were conducted by John Zorn who sat on stage in front of the trio. Anyway, Kurt asked me to review the new Koby Israelite CD (which has generated some discussion in here already)...so check out the site www.squidsear.com

Simon's first review for Squids Ear is of the nearly-ubiquitous Koby Isaelite "Dance of the Idiots" (which I reviewed last week, and Richard Sharma reviewed a few weeks earlier)

In addition, he suggests checking out Eyal Hareuveni's review of Borah Bergman: Piano Meditations

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