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"Nextbook" - New Jewish Cultural website

I've just encountered a promising new Jewish website called "Nextbook," www.nextbook.org. The web manifestation of the organization provides a daily(?) digest of interesting Jewish arts and cultural reviews and articles on the net. There isn't much about Jewish music (although they did feature a review of the latest Klezmatics album, "Rise Up".

The site also is a prime candidate for a weblog, but that doesn't seem to have sunk in yet--write them and ask them to add an RSS feed.

In the meantime, I had a great time browsing, and found a link to a very, very interesting fiction piece in the current Zoetrope on Jewish music from Sarajevo, and even found a couple of links to Divahn, live!


I have just read an article in the Boston Globe that indicates your organization is sponsoring a symposium in Chicago April 12 titled "The JAP: Star Turn for a Stereotype." I am the author of the book " JAPS and Other Myths: The Many Faces of Self-Hatred." Your subject is of great interest to me and I would like to know more about this symposium. Thank you.

To reach the folks described in the weblog entry to which you have commented, you need to contact them directly. I love having posts, but have no information that folks from Nextbook are monitoring this item and will notice your comment.

On the other hand, I did post a URL, and you =can= contact them directly.

Good luck,

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