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Jewish Rock Stars

Seth Rogovoy reviews "Stars of David," a new book about Jewish rock stars in Rockin' Out, for JBooks, the Jewish Family and Life Book Reviews pages. It's a lively, perceptive article with lots of meat even for those not particularly interested in rock music, or this particularly incidental book.


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Question: Is Peter Frampton Jewish? Anyone knows?

Is Jorma Kaukonen of Jefferson Airplane fame Jewish?

I guess you'll have to contact the author or read the book.

Don't know about Jorma, but according to David Robinson's biography of Charlie Chaplin both Spencer Dryden's father Wheeler (Chaplin's half brother) and grandfather, Leo Dryden, were Jewish. Leo Dryden was a music hall performer who wrote the coal mining classic "A Miner's Dream of Home".

Who knew? That's fascinating.


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