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Loads of new articles from Richard Sharma

Richard Scharma writes to the jewish-music list:

There's a bunch of new reviews on Rainlore's World of Music, plus various bits 'n' pieces including a little personal appreciation of this list's incredibly hard working Geraldine at


The J4J issue which reared its ugly head in this list some months ago is also addressed there in a UK context.

Reviews include the fantastic, fabulous Alexandra Yaron live at London's The Spitz, and The World Quintet's (formerly known as Kol Simcha) and the Budapest Klezmer Band's concerts at London's Union Chapel last month. All three are lavishly illustrated as usual.

There are also a couple of superb albums reviewed. Multi-woodwind ace Stewart Curtis' Klezmer Groove's "Too Loud For Dinner" debut album is still an outstanding album and is the first of three coming up. Another first of three album reviews is the superb Dutch Yiddish song duo Mariejan van Oort and Jacques Verheijen's wonderful "Benkshaft" album.