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New Reviews of all sorts

It's been a busy day. I think this is the most I've reviewed in many months. But this is still just the tip of the iceberg - there is so much good stuff to come. Here then, in no apparent order:

The eternal mother exemplified, indeed!Rita Ottens and Joel Rubin continue an excellent series of anthologies with Di Eybike Mame (The Eternal Mother) Women in Yiddish Theater and Popular Song 1905-1929

I've seen just this same kabalistic cover on yet another Jewish avant garde album 10 years agoThis new Montreal band joins our small category of interesting bands doing topical, political Yiddish music. Quite interesting: Black Ox Orkestar / Ver Tanzt?, 2004

artsy radio tower and reasonable typeIt's sort of "world folk chamber music" and I love it. There's a lot of accordion, played exceptionally well, which is always endearing. Check out 3 Leg Torso / Astor in Paris, 2003

amazing graphics from Golden Horn - I only did the typeI began to rave about this band from the moment I heard the first notes. I also typeset the liner notes, so I might not be considered sufficiently neutral. Hence, the inclusion of Roger Reid's comments - no less rabidly enthusiastic than my own. Veretski Pass / (eponymous), 2004

Album cover: Another non-obvious Tzadik coverThis French band is one of the few that I rate up there with hometown favorites, Naftule's Dream. There is some passionate exploration of Jewish cultural existence in Europe with music ranging from Yiddish to heavy metal and experimental jazz. This is quite excellent. Zakarya / something obvious, 2003

Album cover: Lovely leaf print. Good English/Hebrew type mixI reviewed only one Sephardic album this week, but this one is incredibly good. It will be on your turntable for quite a while. Kol Tof Duo / Camino en Mano, 2003

Album cover: Interesting idea that somehow doesn't work.I'm probably the last person to review this excellent children's album, with songs for several Jewish holidays from a secular perspective. Cahan-Simon has a beautiful voice and she is backed by the best. The Lori Cahan-Simon Ensemble / Vessel of Song: The Music of Mikhl Gelbart, 2003

Album cover: I dunno. Fussy.Another album that everyone is talking about and excitedly purchasing. Here's my take on the best traditional American klezmer album of the year - maybe longer. Elaine Hoffman Watts / I Remember Klezmer, 2003

The list of all klezmershack reviews.

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