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New Yiddish+Tsimbl album by Kaplan and Rushefsky

album coverAnnouncing a new CD by Rebecca Kaplan & Pete Rushefsky:

Oyf di vegelekh / On the Paths: Yiddish Songs with Tsimbl

a Yiddishland Records release www.yiddishlandrecords.com

Available from: www.hatikvahmusic.com

Beautiful and haunting Yiddish folk songs accompanied by the tsimbl (cimbalom), a harp-like hammered dulcimer. In "On the Paths," Rebecca Kaplan & Pete Rushefsky have brought to life rarely-heard gems of Yiddish music from collections by Moshe Beregovski, the Mloteks, Mariam Nirenberg, Joseph Moskowitz and Ruth Rubin, as well as materials learned from Soviet-born folk singer Larisa Novicheva and her mother Anna. Both artists additionally contribute original works, including "Shoyn fir yor," a new Yiddish song by Rebecca Kaplan. The CD includes a 20-page booklet that presents all lyrics in Yiddish/transliteration/English translation.

Pete Rushefsky: prushefsky@yahoo.com
Rebecca Kaplan: rivkele@juno.com

[Disclaimer: Ari Davidow typeset the liner notes and thinks they look almost as good as the music sounds. Signed, Ari Davidow]

The Artists

Kaplan & Rushefsky have thrilled audiences across the Northeast United States, including performances at the Eastman School of Music�s World Music Festival, the New England Folk Festival, the Central New York KlezFest and New York's Tonic.

Rebecca Kaplan (vocals, piano, buben [drum]) has created a vibrant performance style for Yiddish folk song which is grounded in Jewish sensibility. An elementary school music teacher in the Boston area, she holds degrees in music from the University of Rochester and Indiana University. She has performed as a vocalist and instrumentalist with klezmer bands in Massachusetts, Indiana, and New York State.

Pete Rushefsky (tsimbl) is a leading revivalist of the tsimbl, or Jewish hammered dulcimer. He performs with some of the finest practitioners of traditional klezmer music including Adrianne Greenbaum, Steven Greenman, Rebecca Kaplan, Joel Rubin and Alicia Svigals. He won much critical acclaim for his CD with violinist Elie Rosenblatt entitled "Tsimbl un Fidl: Klezmer Music for Hammered Dulcimer & Violin" and he appears with Michael Alpert and Deborah Strauss on Yiddish poet/songwriter Beyle Schaechter-Gottesman's CD "Af di gasn fun der shtot - On the Streets of the City" (Yiddishland Records). A popular instructor at KlezKamp and KlezKanada, Pete is also the author of a pioneering instructional book on adapting the American 5-string banjo for klezmer.

The Music

  • Tumba (traditional)
  • Ven es dremlt dos shtetl (lyrics: Joseph Heftman, music: Gershon/Eksman)
    From the repertoire of Larisa and Anna Novicheva
  • Prince Carol Sirba
    From the repertoire of Joseph Moskowitz.
  • Ikh hob gevolt (Traditional)
  • A glezele yash (lyrics: Yoysef Kerler, music: V. Shainsky)
  • Terkish
    From the repertoire of Joseph Moskowitz.
  • Tayerer rebenyu
    From the repertoire of Larisa and Anna Novicheva.
  • In droysn iz fintster (traditional) / Vos vilstu, muter, hobn? (traditional) / Freylekh far Rivke (P. Rushefsky)
  • Shlof, mayn kind (original lyrics by Sholem Aleichem)
    A well-known song with many variants.
  • Shoyn fir yor (lyrics/music: Rebecca Kaplan)
    Thanks to Beyle Schaechter-Gottesman and Michael Alpert for assistance with lyrics.
  • Sadegurer Khusidl
    From the repertoire of Joseph Moskowitz
  • Vos zhe toyg mir dayn sheyner vayngortn? (traditional)
  • Oyf di vegelekh (Traditional) / Yanyinke Sirba (P. Rushefsky)
    Oyf di vegelekh is a song from the repertoire of Mariam Nirenberg

Pete Rushefsky: prushefsky@yahoo.com
Rebecca Kaplan: rivkele@juno.com

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