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Yiddishe Cup Channels Mickey Katz

album coverI have been sitting here most of the night waiting for my printer drivers to finish installing. If HP made printer drivers the way they make printers, this would be working hours ago. But such is not my fortune.

On the other hand, it has given me lots of time to really, really listen to the new Yiddishe Cup CD,"Meshugeneh Mambo." in which they successfully channel the late Mickey Katz. Oy, what a metziye! This is the most outrageous combination of fifties Borscht Belt shtick and postmodern Jewish deconstruction I've heard in years and boy did we need it. I'm going to review this 'real soon now,' but don't wait. You can order copies now from CD Baby. Why wait for me to get my act together. Mickey Katz is kvelling in a flying shisl somewhere out there and he's urging us all to "essn, essn." But not even Mickey would have dreamed up "I am a Man of Constant Blessings", and unless his son went to Tufts or Brandeis (like, say, the son of a certain bandmember of my acquaintance), we'd miss out on a very straight, delightfully a capella "Oseh Shalom." But what the heck. If uncontrollable laughter is what you need, just hang in there—the "Knish Doctor" will be up shortly.

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