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Out as Jews and Out as Gays; playing Klezmer and proud of it!

Here's an interesting article. It echoes ideas that Alicia Svigals first presented at a conference paper, first published in a special edition of Judaism magazine in Winter 1998. It is also touched upon in Christina L. Baade's "Jewzak and Heavy Shtetl: Constructing Ethnic Identity and Asserting Authenticity in the New-Klezmer Movement" from the same year. Now we're in 2004 and Dana Astmann has written "Freylekhe Felker: Queer Subculture in the Klezmer Revival" in this current issue of Discourses [Discourses in Music: Volume 4 Number 3 (Summer 2003)], which moves from first person narrative to research on the cumulative gay first person narratives in the Klezmer scene.

Needless to say, the article is reasonably well-written and quite fascinating.

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