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"Yiddish Art Songs" rerelease on Omega

Catching up on much earlier posts, Dr. Eliott Kahn of JTS wrote the Jewish-music mailing list several months ago:

I've been listening to a wonderful compilation of Yiddish art songs that were recorded ca. 1976 and 1978 by the operatic bass Leon Lishner and pianist/composer Lazar Weiner. The CD was reissued by Omega in 1992 (Omega Classics, #3010, 1993). It strikes me as an excellent overview of the Yiddish art song performed by trained musicians with a deep understanding of the style and language.

Here's the bib record with contents:

Lishner, Leon,1913-<> Yiddish art song[sound recording]Leon Lishner, bass ; Lazar Weiner, piano.New York :Omega Record Group,p1992.1 sound disc :digital, stereo. ;4 3/4 in.Program notes on cover."The Yiddish Art Song, vol. 1, originally issued in 1976 by the Univ. of Wash., Seattle; vol. 2, released in 1978 by Pandora Records as PAN 114."--Note from cover.Recorded at Meany Hall, Univ. of Washington, Seattle.Words in Yiddish; text in English translation noted on program cover.Compact disc.Kaddish fun Reb Levi-Itzchov Barditschever (2:46) -- Oyf'n veg shteyt a boym (4:21) -- May ko mash'me lon? (3:39) -- A nign (2:28) -- Tanchum (3:19) -- Geyn darf men geyn (3:01) -- In a kleyner shtibele (1:19) -- Tateniu (3:32) -- S -- In cheyder (5:50) -- Shabbes baym shalosh s'udos (3:36) -- Di mayse mit der velt (3:33) -- Gramen geshribn in zamd (3:12) -- Der yid mitn fidl (3:37) -- Di vant (3:34) -- Dos lid fun roitn Motele (2:12) -- Ich bin a balagole (1: boker (4:06) -- Baym taych (3:28) -- Yidn zingen: Ani mamin (3:34) -- Vollt mayn tate raych geven (1:47) -- Yosl der klezmer (1:53).


Hi....I have been trying to trace recordings of Lazar Weiner 'Art Songs'....I have found one copy for sale at $59!........which I think is slightly excessive......(to say the least!)....any ideas? Any other recordings that you know of? My wife and I perform Jewish Songs here in the UK and we find the Weiner songs intriguing.
Most grateful.....
Stefan Byron

Why don't you try either e-Bay, or look at the KlezVendors page and e-mail someone specializing in used recordings?


You may also want to check the spelling. Lazar Weiner is known as spelled here. But Yehudi Wyner uses a different spelling for the last name.

Good luck,

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