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Matisyahu, Hip Hop Hoodios live video links

matisyahuBoth Matisyahu and the Hip Hop Hoodíos were in Paris this fall. You can view parts of each concert over the web, courtesy Claude Szwimer. Many thanks!

Matisyahu live, from Nov 11, La Scene Bastille, Paris. It looks like this is the encore.

Hip Hop Hoodíos live, from Dec 11, La Scene Bastille, Paris. This is their song about 1492.

I don't know who the violinist is on the Paris backup band, but she solos on both of these recordings and she is incendiary—a young Alicia Svigals. Estelle Goldfarb? perhaps? Keep your eyes and ears open.


Yup, it's indeed Estelle Goldfarb. She's impressive on stage.

Thanks! Know anything more about her.

Too bad the original video with Estelle Goldfarb has been removed from the site and echanged with a different video.

Holy cow! You're right - the Matisyahu link now displays an entirely different song, and on this one Goldfarb isn't on the stage. (The Hip Hop Hoodios clip is the same.)

I wondered about that - whether Matisyahu was going to be cool being on stage, must less, being publicized, interacting with a partially-clothed woman. He may be, but I'm willing to bet that Lubavitch folks had an issue with it.

Estelle Golfarb vido is back, see my site.

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