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Khevre, at LAST, and more

album coverI rolled out of KlezKanada in August listening to a hand-pressing of this album. It has been a frustrating long wait for the official CD, then for there be a way for the ten people who take these reviews seriously to get their copy (from CDBaby). It's available now, and there are fresh concerts coming up here in the Boston area. Read more now: Khevre / Oyfn Sheydveg. Liner notes by Michael Alpert.

Celebrate Yiddish album coverHere's another CD that has waited a long time for a review. Yes, that's tonight's theme: catching up on old favorites that I haven't yet announced here. In this case, I did my usual glowing review of the new Metropolitan Klezmer album when it came out, and kept meaning to do the same with the sister disk ... here it is: Greetings from the Isle of Klezbos.

band album coverOne of the early KlezmerShack reviews was of a Dutch band that seemed to be channeling the Klezmorim. It's time to mention another classic album by the band: Di Gojim / Oostenwind.


A simple correction:
Yes, there was a Klezmorim tour in Holland in spring 2004, but Di Gojim weren't part of it. The entourage included Di Naye Kapelye (Hungary/USA), Lerner & Moguilevsky (Argentina), The Klezmorim (USA), and De Coup (Netherlands).


You're right! (of course). Will correct.

Many thanks.

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