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"Youngers of Zion" at the National Yiddish Book Center

cheesy cheesy cheesyI just wanted to extend some props to the Youngers of Zion who delivered a thoroughly enjoyable set at the National Yiddish Book Center yesterday. It was a delightful day to be in Western Massachusetts, and my first chance to see the band perform live.

I hadn't really considered what a unique set of strengths the group brings to the stage. Cookie, of course, is one of the world's great klezmer violinists. Henry is a wonderful storyteller and has a repertoire ranging from wonderful vaudeville ("I am a border by my wife," "Levine and his flying machine") to hasidic folk songs. Rubin, of course, holds it all together with impressive bass playing, swapped out with tuba. The result is as heimish and fun an afternoon as you could want.

I also enjoyed the band's CD, Protocols, but this was live.

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