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Roots of Klezmer CD; recorded in Moldavia

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Shane Solow writes: "I recorded musicians in northern Romania that play archaic melodies that are a prototype for Klezmer music. They learned the melodies from Jewish musicians who lived in this region before the second world war. They are some of the last performers who know this tradition. The musicians on the CD are

  • Constantin Lupu, violin
  • Constantin Negel, cobza
  • Anton Mitica Stefan, drum

"A link to the recording with some free downloads can be found here - www.losttrails.com/pages/Music/Lupu.html, or you can purchase the CD directly from CDBaby.com

"I am not an ethnomusicologist so I really don't know what else to say about these musicians except that Botosani Romania had a very strong Jewish musical tradition which is just about dead now and they are some of the last people who can play jewish melodies (and other material) from a community destroyed by war and migration. The music is absolutely extraordinary in my personal opinion and I think at the very least considering your interests you would enjoy taking a few minutes to download the free samples on our web site and listen for yourself. The music speaks for itself I think better then I can."


There is an interview with Shane Solow about this recording by Michel Borzykowski on the Lost Trails message board.

E-mail Lost Trails for further info.

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