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More Jewish music reviews in "All About Jazz"

No sooner did I post about my recent reviews to the Jewish-Music mailing list, but Elliott Simon 'fessed up about some of his own recent writing:

Hi all and best of the holidays...after Ari's recent post I felt compelled to send in some CD reviews of potential interest that have recently appeared in the pages of AAJ-NY.... Mayim Rabim/ Ayelet Rose Gottlieb, The Absolutely Complete Introduction to Klezmer/Yale Strom & Hot Pstromi, Live @ The Fat Cat/ The Sheryl Bailey 3 (guitarist with Klezmer Madness in her B3 group), Andy Statman: Blue Grass and Black Hats, Pan Asian Chamber Jazz Ensemble / Reflections of the Road

December's issue is just out with our Best of listing.....and I am pleased to say that the very cool collaboration between Irving Fields and Roberto Rodriguez, Oy Vey Ole, garnered a best Latin/Jazz mention...January should also include a review of the KM! show at Merkin, Statman, Afro Semitic Experience and other goodies...I also have a "diaspora" themed piece coming out in the journal Ethnomusicology that looks at both the collaboration, "Maurice El Medioni meets Roberto Rodriguez Descarga Oriental: The New York Sessions" and Gilad Atzmon's "musiK", best of the holidays to all...Elliott

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