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Rudy Tepel, o"h

Rudy TepelItzik Gottesman posted to the Jewish-Music mailing list this week that long-time bandleader Rudy Tepel passed away a few weeks ago. Hankus Netsky writes: "Rudy played with great passion and feeling. He actually started out as a dixieland player, but joined the Hassidic scene, since it fit his Orthodox lifestyle better. He was featured with 'Neginah' for a while and later was one of the best clarinetists playing the klezmer rep with Klezmer Plus in the early revival era. He made three excellent recordings on Westminster, which his son put out on CD, 'Chassidic Wedding,' 'Lubavitcher Wedding,' and 'Bobover Wedding.' [Recordings re-released just a few years ago, and reviewed on the KlezmerShack by Matt Temkin: www.klezmershack.com /articles/temkin /tepel/temkin.tepel.html.]

For more information, there is a website devoted to Rudy's music: www.tepel.org