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Amazing music performances documented on KlezmerShack

I've already written about my frustration at not being able to get to NYC Sunday night for the Michael Winograd concert. But even if things had gone perfectly, I still would have missed Cantor Sam Weiss with Pete Rushefsky and Steven Greenman. Happily, Alan Watsky caught both gigs and in his write-up, reinforces my jealousy. It was a great day for music in NYC: Yesterdays, Cantoral Inspiration Concert at Eldridge and Mike Winograd with Bessarabian Hop at Workmans Circle, Feb 17, 2008, by Alan Watsky

Did I mention Steven Greenman? I'm glad I did, because I am much belated in posting this review by the Klezphonics' Marc Adler of another great concert I missed, this one last summer: Steve Greenman and Moldovish Ensemble at the Lowell Folk Festival today!, by Marc Adler, July 29, 2007

Enjoy. And when you catch a great concert, write it up, post to the Jewish-Music list, and share the word. Many thanks to Marc Adler and Alan Watsky.