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Adam Stinga needs your help

I have taken too long to post this. The wonderful trumpeter and member of Alan Bern's Other Europeans project has been undergoing cancer treatment. He has no insurance. Please help. Here is Alan's last update from early March:

Apr 1, 2013

Adam is in a rehab clinic in Marburg. The doctors say that he's making excellent progress. I'm speaking to him daily, and his mood is very good. He'd like to get back to trumpet playing very soon but the medical advice is that he should wait at least another month before risking that much air pressure on the repaired bronchia. Adam and I are very grateful to the generous response of so many friends far and wide. About 8,000 Euros have come together so far, an enormous help.

Best wishes, Alan Bern

Mar 8, 2013

Well, sometimes miracles still happen. Adam Stinga's operation was a complete success, and he'll start rehab next week, working towards the goal of playing trumpet again, which now seems very likely. Think about it: a Moldavian Gypsy trumpet player with lung cancer connects to a network of German doctors and a clinic in Bad Nauheim via his Jewish musician friends, Facebook and German pop music stars, is treated by an Albanian surgeon assisted by Syrian and Egyptian doctors and a Turkish anesthesiologist! This is the world in 2013, it's even Germany in the year 2013. Progress, no? We're deeply grateful to everyone who has given moral and/or financial support! You helped save Adam's life, it's that simple. We're still sitting on some very heavy expenses, though. If you or anyone you know can help, there's a paypal link on the other european's website: www.theothereuropeans.eu please share this posting as widely as possible, and thanks again to everyone.

Holger Berger, a klezmer from Germany, sends this more recent update:

I am from Germany and a regular and enthusiastic reader of your blog … I have met with a message about a trumpet player fallen ill from Moldavia this week which has made me very sad. By his illness (lung cancer) he can perhaps never play the trumpet again.

It is the Roma musician Adam Stinga and he has lung cancer. Because you can treat the lung cancer in Moldova probably not so good, it will be treated in Germany. Due to the lack of health insurance, the operation is of course priceless expensive for him. And even if he survives the cancer, maybe he will never again have the clearance to play his trumpet and earn money with his music.

Here exists also a very touching cinema movie about the [Other Europeans] called "Broken sound". When you download or stream the movie by following this link, the filmmaker donate half of the money on an Adam Stinga Fund:

I've seen the movie and I can only say it is a must-have for any musician, no matter what music genre he belongs to.

On this German Website you can read many reviews of other viewers: www.other-europeans-film.de/index.php?id=70

Perhaps your other readers are also interested in it. I would be glad if you would pass on the story of Adam Stinga and the links. You can find more also on the facebook page: www.facebook.com/pages/The-Other-Europeans-in-Broken-Sound/139352856081941

Holger Berger