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Review: Klezmatics / אַפיקורסים Apikorsim (Heretics)

This may be the first time since Jews with Horns or Di Krenitse (The Well), their collaboration with Chava Alberstein (who also has a song on this recording), that the focus is on Yiddish and Klezmer—not a single waltz or bit of Americana. No collaborations with english-authoring song-writers (at least, not writing english-language songs here). Lots of old-world themes and very current perspectives. Lots of contemporary Yiddish poetry—even an old Catalan song now translated into Yiddish. We may not have changed the world as much as we might have hoped, except for the music, which is still, very much, the Klezmatics very own blend of powerfully good. The Klezmatics / אַפיקורסים Apikorsim (Heretics)