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Bandcamp Friday - the post-KlezKanada edition

It's the first Friday of the month, which means that Bandcamp takes no cut and gives it all to the artists. I'm going to focus this month on artists who taught at the recently concluded KlezKanada, including one new review. I've taken the "Boutique" list from KlezKanada, and supplemented it with some obvious extras—I'll follow up soon with other goodies that don't happen to be on Bandcamp:

  • Latest release from my favorite Jew of Oklahoma (seen at KlezKanada, when not teaching, as part of David Buchbinder's new Klezmer/New Orleans ensemble on Monday night)—Mark Rubin, Jew of Oklahoma / The triumph of Assimilation, 2021 (review 8/29/21) (or go straight to Bandcamp)
  • Most-mentioned new release at KlezKanada: Brivele / Cradle songs, grave songs: (or go straight to Bandcamp:
  • Frank London isn't listed on the Boutique page (and his most recent release, Ghetto Songs, is not on Bandcamp), but there is no end to great music starting with his bandcamp page. That also gives me an excuse to mention the newly released 13th Klezmatics recording, Letters to Afar—and I'll extend a shoutout to Chant Records, one of my favorite labels, for helping to make this possible.
  • Another incredible performer (we got to see him, as well as Veretski Pass), and leader of some great song classes: Anthony Russell & Veretski Pass / Convergence (or go straight to Bandcamp)
  • Kirsten Lamb, the amazing vocalist/bassist from Ezekiel's Wheels was there. I have a review of the band's debut recording, Ezekiel's Wheels / Transported, but they keep getting better—check out their just-before-covid-hit release, The Thread, and I love the band live, so stop by the band's bandcamp page.
  • Clarinetist Christian Dawid has a host of albums, several reviewed on the KlezmerShack, but he also has this very apropo new release on Bandcamp: Christian plays Jewish
  • I am a big fan of Toronto drummer Lorie Wolf. You will be pretty happy if you check out a few singles recordings from her "Queen Kong" ensemble—a nice klezmer-tinged, radical Jewish culture set of tracks.
  • Saxophonist Ariane Morin taught klezmer during KlezKanada, but she and Yoni Kaston have a wonderful Bulgarian/Turkish, band, Ihtimanska, and a Bandcamp release, Yüz Yüze
  • Philadelphia trombonist Dan Blacksberg has a double offering on Bandcamp: His solo Radiant Others, as well as the covid-19 release of his hardcore-ish Jewish music band, Electric Simcha. There's more of his music on Bandcamp, as well. Explore. You'll be happy you did.
  • Freed fellows Susi Evans and Szilvia Csaranko have their own traditional klezmer release: Klezmer from the New World
  • Finally, I will mention Michael Winograd. You can find his most recent covid-19 (and just prior) recordings at Bandcamp. Special mention to his Tarras band recording, Kosher Style, and its companion "Winograd plays Brandwine". But, in KlezKanada mode, you way want to dip into his "Michael Winograd plays by himself ... and you can too" series. Get the whole set and make your ears happy (and get ready for KlezKanada 2022, or #klezkanada27 in twitterspeak). (You can find lots of earlier Winograd recordings reviewed on the KlezmerShack, of course. I'll be catching up, soon, I hope.)

Remember: It is a mitzvah to support the musicians who make the music that keeps you going! (And this being almost Shabbes, it's a double mitzve.)