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Featured at Ashkenaz 2022

I don't think I've missed an Ashkenaz Festival since attending my first (the festival's second) back in 1997. But this year my bike and the asphalt had an argument and my arm lost—fractured humerus. It is simply too far to drive sanely from my home to Toronto with one arm. The best I can do is to post some reviews of recent releases by featured Ashkenaz attendees. If you heard other great music—don't be shy. Let me know and I'll try to post more later:

  • The only actual klezmer band on today's list is one I've been meaning to write about for ages. With their 2021 debut full-length recording, Mamaliga / Dos Gildn Bletl (the Golden Leaf) you can hear why they were invited to the festival
  • I've had my eye on Nefesh Mountain for a few years. They do amazing mainstream bluegrass and really represent a melding of America and bluegrass and mainstream Jewish in ways that are sure to bring a smile to your face (and perhaps some dance to your feet. Nefesh Mountain / Songs of the Sparrows
  • My notes tell me that I have been trying to get a review of Jaffa Road up on the KlezmerShack for years. This year they have a new, new album, and it's a great excuse. Check out Jaffa Road / Until When to discover a world of Middle Eastern sounds, ancient piyut, and new songs by a master jam band.
  • May my shoulder heal quickly, may all return safe (no covid!) from the Festival, and next time, next time again in Toronto. And may the coming year bring higher wages and better working conditions to working folks around the world (Lord knows we have a lot of ground to make up here in North America). Happy Labor Day, y'all!