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Once primarily focused on vocal arrangements, the new Aufwind album indicagtes a band that has become much more of a mainstream German folk band playing Jewish music. This is not a bad thing, and this is quite a good album, but I am not moved the way I was, say, on "Awek di unge yorn." Then, the band seemed to have reached for Yiddish folk songs and combined them with all sorts of other influences, ranging from American gospel onwards. Here, the band showcases its instrumental chops a bit more, the harmonies a bit less.

The opening "Lomir ale," let us all sing together, is a rousing number in the style I expected, as is "Schpil gitar." "Aj lajk schi" is a great adaptation of a Second Avenue comedy number. The instrumentals, as on "Kezl," can be quite good. The range of sources is quite inspirational, ranging from Argentina to sources in East Germany and the former Soviet Union. Many of these songs will be new to listeners of the CD. Even those that are more familiar, such as the Warshavsky tunes, are done with expert attention to detail. "Es zingt zikh nit" (There's nothing left to sing) is particularly heart-rending.

Reviewed by Ari Davidow 6/8/03

Personnel this recording:
Andreas Rohde: gesang, bandoneon, percussion
Jan Hermerschmidt: klarinetten, bassklarinette, blockflöte, gesang
Claudia Koch: gesang, geige, bratsche
Hardy Reich: gesang, mandoline, gitarre
Thomas Paffrath: kontrabass


  1. Lomir ale (trad.) 3:38
  2. A majssele (Gelbart/Bialostotski) 3:23
  3. Hora/Tanz Istanbul (trad.) 4:36
  4. Jingele nit wejn (Ellstein/Jacobs) 3:42
  5. Kezl (trad.) 3:00
  6. Schpil gitar (Pokrass) 4:13
  7. Der winter (Warschawski) 4:41
  8. Ess singt sich nit (Warschawski) 4:41
  9. Aj lajk schi (Olschanetski/Jacobs) 2:29
  10. Kaschtnbojm (Forlman/Perlow) 3:47
  11. Dobranoc/Frejlechss (trad.) 4:30
  12. Er hot nischt (Jaffe/Abbot) 3:02
  13. Lejg dajn kop (Birnow/Lejwik) 1:45

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