Bands and Performing Groups: Klezmer, Jewish, and Related or Derivative musics

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Klezmer Bands, "A"

A M'Chayeh was formed in 1998. In our repertoire we interpret the various styles of Klezmer music; we can also give our audiance the background information belonging to it. The band has four members: Adriaan Baan (violin); Erik van den Bergh (accordion); Judith van der Plas (clarinet); and Jan Jouke van den Heuvel (double-bass). Our website offers some recordings of our music. It also offers scores and background information (also in English) of ca. 30 Klezmer pieces. Web: (Dutch) or (English). (Jan Jouke van den Heuvel)

A Tickle in the Heart: The Swing & Klezmer Trio Köln, can be reached at: Bertolt-Brecht-Str. 46, 50374 Erftstadt, Köln. Fon/Fax: 02235/430490. We offer a lot of different things like: Concerts with the trio; Concerts with the Yiddish Storyteller Pesakh Fiszman (NYC) & A Tickle in the Heart (entirely in Yiddish); Yiddish Dance events like workshops or dance parties etc.; Combinations of the above mentioned activities. We also sell German Goldenshteyns Klezmer Music Books here in Europe. Web: (Andreas Schmitges).

Adama—music of the Jewish people plays Israeli, Klezmer, Mizrachi, Sephardi, music for Israeli Folkdance, always gets people up and dancin'. The band is based in El Cerrito, CA (SF Bay area). Tel. 510-528-8872. Web: (Achi Ben Shalom).

Adonai and I is the brainchild of multi-instrumentalist/producer David "Solid" Gould. The group features members of the roots reggae/dub outfit John Brown's Body, Pressure Cooker, The Joint Chiefs, Miracle Orchestra, Mang Dub and Dead Cat Bounce Band. Adonai and I performs roots reggae versions of traditional hebrew/jewish prayers and melodies. The group formed to record an album in April 2000. The self-titled CD was subsequently released in September 2001 on I-Town Records ( Remixes of the tracks by Jamie Saft are available on the Tzadik Records release: David Gould "Adonai in Dub" The band is based in upstate NY and Boston, MA. The group's website is: Check out the site for press, bios, CD info, MP3s and show dates. (David Gould)

The Afro-Semitic Experience is an outgrowth of music performed by David Chevan with Warren Byrd. "Before long we were jamming on klezmer and Yiddish songs along with our usual assortment of jazz and world music pieces. Pretty soon it was obvious that a second band had emerged and I began calling it "The Afro-Semitic Experience." The ensemble's first album, "This is the Afro-Semitic Experience," was released in 2002, followed by "The Days of Awe: Music for Selichot Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur" (2003) with Frank London and Further Definitions of the Days of Awe (2011). Web:

Agge Nebbisj (Bergen op Zoom, NB, Netherlands). 8 musicians: Jack Paluch; (clarinet,sax,flute), Eveline Borghouts (vocals); Karlijn Riedijk (violin); Benny Kouwenhoven (accordeon); Rob de Zwart (guitars,banjo,madoline); Rob Meuleman (trombone,guitar); Ben Meesters (Bas); Harry Janvier (percussie). Web: (Jack "sax" Paluch)

Historically, Al-Andalus refers to Spain from 711-1492. During these eight centuries, the Spain of Al-Andalus witnessed the closest encounter possible between Africa, the Arab World and the West, as well as between Judaism, Christianity & Islam. Our programming strives to represent equally three palatable manifestations' of the Andalusian legacy: Andalusi', Judeo-Spanish (Ladino), Flamenco musics as well as their palatable antecedents. An outstanding model of tolerance and functioning multiculturalism, Al-Andalus was a time that is known for its mutually beneficial symbiosis which resulted in remarkable artistic, educational, and cultural enlightenments. This situation and the pluralism that went with it had various consequences: the intermixing of races, bilingualism and multilingualism and, religious dialogue and debate. This is where we find our creative impetus, in the rebirth of al- andalus in todays cultural landscape. By learning from our history, we can create a new today. We are based in Tangier, Morocco. Web: (Julia Banzi)

The Alaska Klezmer Duo with Alexander Zlatkovski, piano, (CD available). Write: P.O. Box 873706, Wasilla, AK 99687. Web: (Markus Bishko)

The Alaska Klezmer Band (CD featuring guests Hankus Netsky & Jeff Warschauer Markus Bishko and The Alaska Klezmer Band). Web: Write: P.O. Box 873706, Wasilla, AK 99687. (Markus Bishko)

The Alexandria Kleztet The Alexandria Kleztet was formed in 1998 by Seth Kibel, the clarinetist with Cayuga Klezmer Revival. Based in the Baltimore/Washington region, this quartet also features Claire Cardon on violin and viola, Scott Harlan on assorted basses, and Tim Jarvis on drums and percussion. While they do perform a great deal of traditional klezmer at private events, they've also developed their unique "alternative klezmer" sound which borrows freely from jazz, rock, classical, and worldbeat music. They've released two CD's thus far: "Y2Klezmer" in 1999 and "Delusions of Klezmer" in 2002. Both albums received the Washington Area Music Association's (WAMA) award for "Best World Music Recording" following their release. Web:

Started in 1996, the Amsterdam Klezmer Band is a spin-off of a collaboration between Job Chajes and Don Munzer. They both played for circus theatre Sjappoo, accompanying the diverse acts on saxophone and accordion. Don, who knew several Jewish songs, asked Job to come and play for the circus, which was based in Arnhem. He managed to convince Job, who was more interested in hip hop and jazz, to start playing Yiddish music. The circus turned out to be a good place to try out the songs. The band plays Jewish festive music from Eastern Europe, but is also strongly influenced by Balkan gipsy orchestras such as Taraf de Haidouks from Romania and several brass bands from the same region. Many of the songs are composed by the band and there is always room for improvisation. The band is now a septet, consisting of vocals, saxophone, clarinet, trumpet, trombone, accordeon and double bass. A new cd is out on Knitting Factory Records. Its name is "Limonchiki" (spring 2002). Web: (Joop van der Linden).

Anakronic Electro Orkestra. A band of youngsters from Toulouse, France, give themselves klezmer roots and tamper with their imaginary past using dub effects. The sonic witchcraft of reggae on an almost ska beat and a clarinet that dances the klezmer stew! Contact: c/o JUMU 70 rue Amelot 75011 PARIS - FRANCE. Tel: +33 1 43 65 09 70. Fax: +33 1 43 65 13 75. Web: / MySpace: (Mikael Charry)

AndraLaMoussia is a world music group based in Jerusalem. AndraLaMoussia means chaos in ancient Hebrew and, like our name, our music reflects the diverse cultural reality we live in. AndraLaMoussia members mix many different styles and traditions into their music, abstracting acoustic and universal truths. By mixing, along with others, Jewish and Arabic, Turkish, Greek, Sufi and Gypsy music, our sound resonates with the tension and confusion prevalent in our Middle Eastern culture. In today's world cultural differences often lead to violent clashes, but we don't think that this need be the case. Our aim with AndraLaMoussia is to accentuate the many different traditions and by doing so to create a moment of true dialogue and unity in a modern tradition. “Chaos filled with order and rationality … [AndraLaMoussia] convinces that there might be a thing such as 'world music' " (Maariv) "molto bravi i musicisti del grupo" (teleblu, Italy) “Somehow the chaos of notes from east and west unite into a new and independent sound that is able to rise above the many different genres touched upon" (Kol Hazman) Ittai Binnun: Wind instruments (clarinet, ney, saxophones), baglama, vocal. Dani Dromi: Guitars (classical, acoustic and electric), vocal. Victor Ezus: Bass guitar, vocal. Moshe Nuri: Percussion (darbukah, frame drums) Uriel Sverdin: Drums (battery), cajon. Special guest : Nizar Rohana - oud. Tel: 00972 52-8586-370. Web: (Ittai Binnun)

Anim Z'miros Orchestra, Miami Beach, FL, USA. We are a band that plays all styles of Jewish music, although our emphasis is on what is generally classified as "Chassidic" music. We play the traditional style "freilach" fast dances as well as horas, and slow dinner music as well. Some of the well-known composers and performers whose music we play include R. Shlomo Carlebach, Mordechai Ben David, Avraham Fried, and more recent performers such as Shwekey. We also play other styles and arrange and adapt upon request. One of our members has an M.S. in Music, and studied orchestration with Julie Andrews' arranger. We offer various types and sizes of ensembles for events such as Bar/Bat Mitzvahs, Weddings, Engagement Parties, Sheva Brachos,Congregation Dinners, etc. Tel: (305) 534-2458. (Barry Moss)

Hal Aqua and The Lost Tribe play nouveau klezmer music—an exuberant musical experience, rooted firmly in traditional Jewish modes and melodies and driven by contemporary rhythms and danceable grooves. The versatile musicians who make up The Lost Tribe have a deep respect for their source material, from the evocative tunes of Eastern European Jews and Gypsies to the sinuous rhythms of the Middle East and Mediterranean. In the long-standing Jewish tradition of absorbing musical inspiration from surrounding cultures, The Lost Tribe steeps their songs in a broth spiced with rock, reggae, salsa, funk and blues influences, serving up an irresistible party vibe. Tel: 303-744-0263. Web:

In an exotic blend of East and West, the Sarah Aroeste Band combines traditional Mediterranean Sephardic music with rock, funk, jazz and blues. Aroeste, inspired by her Sephardic heritage and roots from Salonika, Greece, is the founder of the New York-based Ladino fusion rock band. Determined to help bring Ladino music back to life for a new generation, Aroeste and her band fuse the traditional music of her family with contemporary influences. The first album, "A la una" was released in 2003. Web: For press/booking, contact Marilyn Gilbert Artists Management. (Sarah Aroeste)

Asefa, a gathering of Jewish musical styles, has been focusing recently on North African and other Sephardic flavors. And of course, don't be surprised if a little Jazz slips in there. Asefa is... Samuel Thomas - Reeds, Percussion, Vocals, Composition; Shanir Blumenkrantz - Bass, Oud; Eric Platz - Drums, Percussion. special guests... Elie Massias - Vocals, Guitars; Mauricio Molina - Frame Drums; Rich Stein - Percussion. A CD, Asefa, was released in 2005. Tel. 718.622.5679 or 917.620.3998. Fax. 718.622.5679. Web:

The Vocal Quartet Ashkenazim, Brighton, UK, performs largely a cappella vocal arrangements of classic and newly composed Yiddish songs. The group also represents the rebirth of cultural creativity in the communities of the former Soviet Union. The "Ashkenazim" performs all over former SU, in USA, and Europe. Tel: +44-1273-553737. Web: (Polina Achkinazi-Shepherd)

Ashkenoise is a new Israeli klezmer big band, based in Tel Aviv, led by violinist and composer Daniel Hoffman. Ashkenoise specializes in the American pre-war sound and fusions with modern jazz and Balkan music. Web: (Daniel Hoffman)

Atzilut—the Middle East Peace Orchestra, Philadelphia, PA, re-imagines the Hebrew tradition of ecstatic music as a vehicle for spiritual ascent. Blending virtuoso cantorial vocals with the lightning percussion and hypnotic melodies of a middle-eastern orchestra, this music is cousin to both Sufi and Arab music, yet has its own unique contemporary sound. Atzilut brings Jewish mystical poetry alive with ancient rhythms and soaring improvisaitons. The ensemble plays "Concerts for Peace", a format with Jewish and Arab musicians playing together that won standing ovations at the United Nations. Atzilut has released two CDs, The Fourth World, and Souls on Fire (1996), available thru the website. In its "Concerts for Peace" modality, Atzilut has a new cd called that combines arabic and jewish music. Atzilut and Klingon Klezmer are the only Jewish ensembles approved for performance grants by the Mid-Atlantic Arts Foundation. For booking information: Hazzan Jack Kessler, 1- 215-849-9227. Web: Demo: YouTube. (Jack Kessler)

Aufwind was founded in 1984 in East-Berlin as a trio, first several programs of Yiddish song, from 1988 also Klezmer music Concerts in Germany, USA, Netherlands, Israel, Poland, Hungary, Italy, Rumania, Canada, France, Chile, Argentina, Switzerland, Turkey, Belgium, Slowakia and Portugal. Some TV and theater-productions, concerts together with: Shura Lipowsky, Klezmatics, Giora Feidman.... Some programs with Yiddish song and Klezmer, own label (MISRACH-music), 5 CD's: 1989 "Lomp nokh nit farloschn (label: BMG), 1992 Gasn zinger, 1995 Yunge yorn, 1996 Awek di junge jorn (all: MISRACH-music) and Inejnem (Buschfunk). Sing out about Gasn zinger: Aufwind's isolation from the klezmer mainstream has made for some fascinating eccentricities. You have never heard it this way before. [The band also has a track on the recent compilation, Klezmania: Klezmer for the New Millenium. ari]. PO.Box 550212, D-10372 Berlin. Web: (Andreas Rohde)

The Austin Klezmorim is the oldest klezmer band in the Southwest. They have been performing for more than 28 years and represent the genre on the Texas Commission on the Arts Touring Artist Roster. Their music is a mix of the most traditional to the most contemporary klezmer. The musicians are accomplished in many genres including jazz, blues, country, latin, and worldbeat and often infuse the music with these sounds add a Texas flavor while strutting that Bessarabian BBQ. The Austin Klezmorim have released three CD's: Texas Klez - 1990, just released on CD; East of Odessa; Bubba's Waltz, 2005, all original Klezmer. Tel: Texas: 361 215 7163 / East Coast: 704-537-8898. Web: (Bill Averbach)

Avanim is a Jewish Rock band created by Rabbi Sam Cohon of Temple Emanuel in Tucson, AZ. Sets the prayers of the shabbat service to the tunes of Led Zepplin, the Beatles, The Cars, ELO, The Ventures, and other rock legends. There is also lots of klezmer music, but it often comes often as hardcore punk with a clarinet. Services with the band happen once a month. Tel: (520) 327-4501. Web: (Howard Salmon)

Ayassa is a gypsy-, balkan-, klezmerband from Hannover/Germany. Founded 2003 and plays in quintet (voc/vio/acc/git+balalaika/doublebass). We play for kiosk openings and other national or international events. Web: (Yoyo da Silva)

Azad is a band fonded by Claudine Movsessian in 1998. The name Azad mean freedom in Armenian, Persia and India. The group plays klezmer and Yiddish tunes, some greek Music and compositions by Claudine Movsessian. We try to play traditional klezmer with improvisations and some contempory fashon of play (modes de jeu). The band includes: Claudine Movsessian, Yiddish vocals, clarinet; Yorgos Karamitros (from Greece), accoustic guitar; Renato Tocco, accordion; Baptiste Reboul, contrebass; Efim Zoubritzki (from Moldavia), violin; Tzvica Voltoch (from Israel), percussion. The band made a CD in 2001 called Claudine Movsessian and the group Azad and guests. Tel: 0144935351. Web: (Claudine Movsessian).

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