Bands and Performing Groups: Klezmer, Jewish, and Related or Derivative musics

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Klezmer Bands, "F"

Fabrangen Fiddlers is an original Jewish liturgical folk and klezmer band. Founded in 1971, the "Fiddlers" have performed at close to 1000 simchas and at numerous folk festivals and venues in the US and overseas. The band is known for its diverse styles, from Jew-grass to Eastern swing. Based in the D.C. area the group mainly does concerts and features David Shneyer on vocals and guitar, Alan Oresky on violin and mandolin, Frank Sparber on clarinet, Theo Stone on bass and sitar, and Larry Robinson on mandola, bouzouki, and banjo. Members of the group perform on the following albums all available on CD through The CDs are American Chai (1975-77), Smoky Mountain Shabbes (1988), Love Songs and Blessings (1988) and Psalm Songs and Blessings (1998). E-mail Fabrangen Fiddlers. (David Shneyer)

Bruce Fagan, Fort Washington, PA, began performing Israeli, Jewish and Klezmer music in 1967 when he formed a guitar ensemble sponsored by the Gratz College High School Dept. in Philadelphia, PA. From 1971-1979 Bruce knew almost every major Israeli singing star and performed with many of them. During this same period, he formed "The Bruce Fagan Band" for weddings, bar/bat mitzvahs and other social events. The band performs dance music from swing and classic rock 'n' roll to contemporary pop tunes plus Israeli, Jewish and Klezmer music. In addition, Bruce does solo performances using his "power single" computerized keyboard setup. Bruce has performed in virtually every major hotel and country club in the Metropolitan Philadelphia area as well as performances in the Catskills, Atlantic City and Palm Beach. Tel: 215-540-0540 / Fax: 215-643-3174. Web: E-mail Bruce Fagan. (Bruce Fagan)

On 17.10.96 the Faineklezmer quintet was born in Argentina. It is a string quintet integrated by Sofia Koliren, oboe; Jorge Slivskin, flauta; Alberto Merenzon, fagot; Alberto Levy, piano; Marga Grajer, canto; and me, Aby Rojze (alto, National Simphonic Orchestra). Our repertory is based on traditional Jewish songs and dances (ex.: Drai tejtarlaj, Kinder Yurn, Oifn Pripechok, Hava Nagila, and frailachs). They were specialy arranged for our group, to be performed as chamber music. Our work includes investigation, adaptation, made by excelent professsionals, etc. It mean a high cost, time and money, and this is why we are looking for some support. Please send me information abaut the institutions (Foundations) we can address to, in/order to ask for some support. E-mail Faineklezmer Quintet. (Aby Rojze)

We are four immigrants from Ukraine. Now we live in Hamburg and sing here the same old songs. Paradoxically you can better live from this music in Germany as in Ukraine. We call ourself "Familia Lachmann", 'cos we are also a family (2 Generations). Piano, clarinet, violin, vocal and percussion. E-mail Familia Lachman. (Kateryna Ostrowskaja)

Faren Khan, based in Paris, France, plays oriental klezmer (klezmer with many oriental influences). Our site is E-mail Faren Khan. (Nicolas Portnoi)

Fialke is a Klezmer band located in Erlangen, Germany which plays a lively old time eastern European klezmer style. Fialke consists of clarinet (Joachim Pohl), violin and voice (Monika Feil), accordion (Emuk Kungl), bass (Tomasz Radomski) and vocals. Monika Feil, the singer and violinist of the band, is one of the few European Klezmer violinists who play the old traditional fidl style and can also be booked for klezmer fidl workshops. Fialke´s first CD, "A grus fun der alter heym" was released in 2003 and featured Joshua Horowitz as special guest on tsimbl. Web: E-mail Fialke. (Monika Feil)

The band formerly known as "Fiddle Hill" is now Yiddishkeit (Adam Sweet).

Di Fidl Kapelye are five Amsterdam-based musicians on violins, cello, double bass/ûd and cimbalom. They are inspired by the klezmorim and produce a real deep-through the-ages-sound. These five new klezmorim originate from world music, jazz and classical music. The melodies are played on violin, cello, ûd or cimbalom and are juxtaposed with counter- melodies and chord lines by the second violin, cello and cimbalom. All this is supported by the driving rhythm of the double bass. The ensemble creates warm klezmer music with occasionally playful genre experiments. The individually toned improvisations of the group members give extra colour to the repertoire. Tel: +31 (0)20 463 74 47. Web: (English, Dutch). E-mail Di Fidl Kapelye. (Madelien Verheij)

Finikity Chaos is a Klezmer/Breton/Eastern-European group based in mid Wales, UK. Instruments include violin, accordion, clarinet, guitar and double bass, and most numbers inspire lively dancing, with a few waltzes thrown in for those who dream of ballrooms. We play for events and celebrations of all kinds, and can also lead group dances if desired. Music samples at: Tel: +44 (0) 1654 700400. E-mail Finikity Chaos. (Rebecca Sullivan)

Finjan is a wonderful traditional ensemble from Winnipeg, Canada. From Kinzey's e-mail: "Just to give you an update on Finjan. We recently performed with the Kitchener/Waterloo Symphony for three nights in January as part of their pop concert series. To date we've performed our classical/klezmer show with the Winnipeg, Calgary and Louisville Symphony Orchestras. Hopefully with the Boston Pops in the near future. We commissioned a special suite from one of our local Jewish composers here in Winnipeg. It's become the main feature of our classical shows. Since doing "The Lonesome Pine Special" TV program some years back. We still get calls about it been replayed somewhere in the States. It's amazing how many people get to see that show. We've been to Louisville three times to do the radio and tv versions of the Lonesome Pine Special. Great people and audiences! I don't know if you've ever seen the movie 'The Outside Chance Of Maximillian Glick', but we have a couple of performances in it." the band has also performed at Kaila Flexer's "KlezmerFest" in the San Francisco Bay Area twice. Our 30th anniversary party was held at Ashkenaz, in Toronto, in 2012. A review is available of Crossing Selkirk Avenue. A fourth album (second on CD), Dancing on Water was released in 2000. E-mail Finjan. (Myron Schultz).

Fleet Street Klezmer Band, Boise, is the only klezmer ensemble in the state of Idaho performing for simchas, on stage concerts, music festivals, and school educational programs. We play traditional and original music from the klezmer, Sephardic, and gypsy musical traditions. Tel: 208-463-0728. Web: E-mail Fleet Street Klezmer Band. (Victoria Kostenko)

FleytMuzik is a unique ensemble that offers traditional klezmer with flute as the lead instrument, together with tsimbl, fiddle, and bass. Internationally known artist Adrianne Greenbaum leads this ensemble, performing on historic instruments, and leads dancing while playing! The flute is back in klezmer! Consider this group for a unique sound. They will also augment with other instruments for the larger reception. A CD, "Fleytmuzik," was released in 2002. Web: E-mail FleytMuzik. (Adrianne Greenbaum)

Den Flygande Bokrullen started out as a duo in the early nineties. The two original members were Matti Pohjola and Gustav Johansson. They played many different kinds of folk music. With the addition of the founders' younger brothers, group has now grown to a quintet. The group has existed in its present form since 1994. The band most plays locally in Uppsala, Sweden, but has also had performances in Stockholm, Linköping, Eskilstuna, Gävle and Västerås. They also play weddings, birthday parties and Bar-mizvahs. An eponymous CD was recording in 1997. Their most recent (2002) CD is "Tarrschwein". Web: E-mail Matti Pohjola. (Matti Pohjola).

The Flying Bulgars are a wonderful band from Toronto doing everything from klezmer to world music. Think of them as "Jewish World Fusion.> They have several CDs out: Sweet Return, 2003, Tsirkus, 1999. Fire, was released 2/97. The first is self-titled and the second is called "Agada." Web: E-mail Flying Bulgars. (Gary Cristall)

The cutting-edge, young Latvian band Forshpil reinterprets traditional Jewish music in a unique and daring way. Formed in Riga, Latvia in 2003 as means of exploring traditional Yiddish culture, the band, led by singer Sasha Lurje and keyboardist/arranger Ilya Shneyveys, has traveled extensively to study, perform and teach at major Jewish and world music events in Russia, Germany, Poland, Canada, UK and beyond. Today Forshpil's music is a fusion of Yiddish songs, Hassidic nigunim and klezmer tunes with 1960s-1970s psychedelic rock, spiced up by funk, reggae and jazz. Energetic yet intimate performance, vintage analog sounds and multi-colored, deeply passionate singing deliver an ultimate Yiddish psychedelic experience. This is what it would have sounded like if Pink Floyd and The Doors had ever jammed together at a Jewish wedding. Web: E-mail Forshpil. (Ilya Shneyveys)

The 4th Ward Afro-Klezmer Orchestra is an original musical entity from Atlanta, Georgia. A ten piece jazz ensemble performing original compositions and arrangements combining West African influenced rhythms with Eastern European Klezmer melodies, The 4th Ward A.K.O., led by trumpet player/composer Roger Ruzow, boasts a roster of extraordinary, veteran Atlanta, talent featuring: Colin Bragg (guitar), Chris Case (keyboard), Jeff Crompton (clarinet, alto & baritone sax), Chip Epsten (violin), Eric Fontaine (tenor sax), Nam Bui (Bass), Keith Leslie (drums), Bill Nittler (clarinet, baritone sax), Blake Williams (trombone). Klezmer music Afro-Pop Mingus jazz. The band's first release, East Atlanta Passover Stomp was released in 2010. Web: E-mail 4th Ward Afro-Klezmer Orchestra. (Roger Ruzow)

Freilach Mit Kneidlach is a new Helsinki-based Finnish-Jewish Klezmer band which was established to preserve the more than 100-year- old folk music tradition of the Jews of Eastern Europe. The spontaneity ,liveliness and wistfull beauty of Jewish music were the initial motivation for forming the group. Even though the band is only two years old, it has already had numerous performances. It also participated in the Helsinki Klezmer Festival in March 2000. Tel: +358 9 497859 Mobile: +358 50 555 7129. Web: E-mail Freilach mit Kneidlach. (Eva Jacob)

We are The Freilachmakers Klezmer String Band. Our 5-piece ensemble from Sacramento, California has been entertaining enthusiastic audiences since 1995. The band's founding impetus was to create a Celtic and old-timey influenced version of klezmer that hearkened to the stringed instrument based origins of the genre. This approach, which relied particularly on the use of the fidl, bass and clawhammer banjo (in place of the tsimbl), was particularly well represented in our first CD, "The Flower of Berezin" (1998). By the 2005 release of our second CD, "And I in the Uttermost West", we had added a unique, Brazilian guitar-tinged, Sephardic Jewish music to the mix. Since that time we have been joined by a wonderful clarinetist and accordionist, which has greatly enhanced our power and appeal. In the words of one reviewer, the Freilachmakers' music "bubbles with exuberance and a great sense of fun", their playing "highly viruostic, yet subtle". We are available for concerts, weddings, bar/bat mitzvehs, conferences, fundraisers and other simches. Band personnel include Andy Rubin (clawhammer banjo, mandolin, guitar and vocals), Marc Epstein (clarinet), Felipe Ferraz (Brazilian guitar and vocals), Wayne Lutzow (accordion) and Lou Ann Weiss (string bass and cello). Tel: 916-484-1176. Web: E-mail Freilachmakers Klezmer String Band. (Andy Rubin)

Frejlech is a jewish band from Vienna playing jewish music. We are professional musicians playing piano, accordion, violin, clarinet, trombone, doublebass and drums. We play yiddish, hebrew, english, russian and vienniese music. As a real klezmer band we do not only play concerts but are also often booked for jewish weddings, bar mizwahs and ballroom / dancing parties. Contact: Tel.+Fax: +43 1 2168434. Web: E-mail Frejlech. (Tony Grinberg).

My friend, Riki Friedman has a klezmer band in Durham, North Carolina, called Freylach Time! Klezmer Dance Band. "We are a small klezmer combo, with or without vocals. We'll turn any reception or party into a real simcha!" If you're in town, you should definitely look them up. The band released it's first album, "The Klezmer Dance Band," in 2003. And, obviously, if you're in the Research Triangle, this is the band for your weddings and simchas. (info from Ari Davidow). Tel: (919) 698-2813. Web: E-mail Freylach Time!.

Kim and Nancy Goldov front the Freylakh Klezmer Band, Seattle, WA. So far, Freylakh has released two demo tapes. Web: E-mail Freylakh Klezmer Band. (Kim and Nancy Goldov)

Fun Drojssn are seven musicians, based in Cologne, Germany, dedicated to klezmer and yiddish songs. The band was formed in 1998 and since then has played a number of exciting concerts in the Cologne area. Having just finished our second set of demo recordings, we would like to offer our four-track CD to everyone who might be interested in booking us for a concert, celebration or party. Tel: +49/(0)221/627662. Web: E-mail Fun Drojssn. (Carola Jeschke).

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