Bands and Performing Groups: Klezmer, Jewish, and Related or Derivative musics

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Klezmer Bands, "T"

band photoT-Klez, a new trio based in the NYC Metro area is singularly joyful and masterful. Rooted firmly in 19th and 20th century traditional klezmer music repertoire with deep bows to Hasidic traditions, they play a full gamut of tasty tunes. These range from fast dances (freylekhs, bulgars, Ukrainian tunes) … to slow dances (joks, waltzes, tangos, khusidls) … to deep and/or rejoicing Hasidic nigunim (including Meron marching tunes played in Israel during the Lag B'omer holiday) … to Yiddish Theater and folk song … to newly composed rep from Bessarabia to Belmont, MA. They are veterans of simkhes and stage, and their performances are fun and educational. Psachya Septimus, accordion, keys has been an integral part of the NYC Hasidic music scene for the past 30 years. David Licht, percussion, a founding member of the Klezmatics and a member of the legendary groups Shockabilly and Bongwater. Dobe (Dena) Ressler clarinet, has taught at KlezKamp and at New England Conservatory's summer Klezmer Institute. Web: . Tel: 917-310-8465. (Dobe Ressler)

Take the OY Train - All aboard for a unique musical journey with the merry minstrels of this group as they take you around the globe to places where the Old World Eastern and Central European sounds of Klezmer meet the New World rhythms of folk, ragtime, dixieland, jazz and even country! This is international, continental and traditional music that is soul-stirring, captivating and uplifting. Season with sublime and spirited songs in Yiddish, Hebrew and Ladino and you have universally appealing Klezmer-Fusion played and sung with heart, soul and chutzpah. Take The OY Train was formed in 1992 in Calgary, Alberta by featured vocalist, Florence Shustack. Band members, both professional and amateur, Jewish and non-Jewish, are "hooked on Klez", and have enjoyed playing at a multitude of simchas, festivals, community events, showcases, cabarets, holiday celebrations, fundraisers and for radio and television. A highlight of their career has been performing at the Calgary Folk Music Festivals. Experience their "Kountry Klezmer" act and their "Festival of Lights" program. So clap your hands and kick up your heels. "Take The OY Train" and you're bound to shout "OY VEY"!!! (Florence Shustack)

The Tango & Klezmer Quartet is now known as Klezcetera

Tantz in Gartn Eydn, Berlin, Germany, has been playing and dancing traditional Klezmer-Music for 3 years. 6 musicans (acc, cl, vio, voc, tuba, db, drum) and a dancing-teacher performing a mixture of party and concert. We released our first CD "Klezmer Schwof". Web: (Martin Borbonus)

The "Tapuah beDvash" Ensemble was founded in 2003 in Israel. It comprises professional musicians—immigrants from The Soviet Union. They present a new view of traditional Jewish folklore music from all parts of the world where Jewish culture has existed. This is mainly klezmer music of different backgrounds and Oriental music. The sound's experiments and mixing of tune's colors are forming the bright individual and creative original style of "The Tapuah beDvash Ensemble". Its style is true folk because it exclude blending of folk music and modern music styles (as jazz or pop). The Tapuah beDvash Ensemble has performed in various Israel's festivals (Festivals of Yiddish culture, Zfat, Raanana klezmer festivals and others). The Tapuah beDvash Ensemble takes part in some projects of Bar Ilan University and The National Authority for Yiddish Culture (project "The Theater of Yiddish Songs"-"T.I.L."). Anatoly Geyko (the leader of group), accordion, small drum, Russian spoons, darbuka, halilit, koval, bottle xylophone; Pavel Levin, violin; Vladimir Fridman, clarinet, Aleksey Egorov, balalaika-contrabass; Gennady Zusmanovsky, guitar. tel/fax 972-08- 9491652. tel. 972-054- 5486434. Hashomrim 5/3, Rehovot, 76232. Web: (Helena Geyko)

Tararam is based in Toronto, ON. Originally founded as a trio in 2001, the group has expanded to include mandolin/guitar, keyboard/accordion, clarinet, violin, bass, drums. We specialize in both traditional acoustic klezmer and jewish folk as well as our own brand of electric Klezmer/Jewish fusion. Tel: 416-516-4680. Web: (Joshua Engel)

Tate Klezmer Band is the first klezmer Band incluso Puebla Mexico and one of the very few un MĂ©xico. Tate Trieste yo keep asĂ­ muchas as possible the original sound of tradicional klezmer with a touch of mexican flavor. Tel: MĂ©xico 52 2225660455. Web: Facebook: (Luis Eduardo GarcĂ­a)

Techelet Ensemble, Jerusalem, Israel, was founded by guitarist and composer Yoel Taieb. The band was originally composed by five members all baale teshuva who were involved at high level in music in their secular life. The musicians were interested to produce a jewish Israeli music that would mix improvisation, chassidic nigun of great Jewish mystical masters such as Rabbi Nachman of Braslav, the Baal Shem Tov… And original compositions. Techelet Ensemble developed so, a new style called Maym, an acrostiche whose signification is "water" in Hebrew and who is formed by the Hebrew words for Jewish modern music. The Ensemble produced two cds who were received very successfully by press. "...and I will hope for Him" and "The World to Come" are available at Tower Record website and on cdbaby, and On the band's website are biographies, scores, teachings on music and Kabbalah, press reviews. Web: (Yoel Taieb)

Tennessee Schmaltz is a seven member band based in Knoxville, Tennessee. Two lawyers, a nuclear scientist, one professor, an architect, a real estate agent and a resettlement coordinator make up this band. We combine the traditional sounds of klezmer with a Tennessee twist. Our first album, "Old Country Klezmer," was released in 2000. Web: (Judy Megibow)

Tennessee Steinmetz (originally the Edmonton Klezmer Guild) was formed by trombonist Ryan Purchase in 2003. It is the only klezmer band in Edmonton, and one of only three in the province of Alberta. We combine new and traditional klezmer with elements of funk, jazz, rock, and classical music. With trombone, oboe/english horn, drums, tuba, guitar, and voice, we work hard to make sure the klezmer revival extends to this part of the world! All of our members have different musical backgrounds, and we all enjoy contributing a unique voice to the sound of the band. In the summers, we can expand our horn section by joining forces with "The Ram's Horns", consisting of trumpet, clarinet/bari sax, and french horn! We're available for bar/bat mitzvahs, weddings, parties of any kind, and folk music festivals. Tel: 780-908-0935. Web: (Ryan Purchase)

Rudy Tepel is one of the finest Klezmer musicians in the world. From his base in Brooklyn, NY, his dynamic, vibrant, and unique artistry with the clarinet, saxophone, and flute has earned him the admiration of thousands. Incorporating the hallmarks of classical Klezmer and Chasidic music, Mr. Tepel and his orchestra emanate a unique freilach sound that is unmatched. Rudy's musical style, arrangements, and recordings serve as the premier model for current traditional Jewish musicians and orchestras. Mr. Tepel's music encompasses everything from jazz to swing to classical to rock and roll, and today's most popular music. This makes Rudy Tepel and his Orchestra the supreme choice for listening to this very special music. Visit the Rudy Tepel and His Orchestra website at "" to find out about sharing these historic musical recordings now digitally re-mastered on CD's for your listening pleasure. The complete library includes 4 CD titles: "Chassidic Wedding", "Lubavitch Wedding", "Bobover Chassidim - Vol. 1", "Bobover Chassidim - Vol. 2". Also, the site is filled with many other forms of Jewish culture and provides for discussion. (Rudy Tepel)

3 Leg Torso, based in Portland, OR, started as a violin, cello and accordion trio in 1996, combining modern chamber music with Nuevo Tango, Eastern European and Middle Eastern influences. Their sound has been described as having "all the beauty of Astor Piazolla's music and all the spunk of the Kronos Quartet." The band has been steadily gaining recognition through East and West coast concerts; a feature on N.P.R.; composing music for film and television, and releasing our first CD, entitled An eponymous album (1998). In June of 2000, the band added an acoustic bass, percussion and vibes, and have continued to expland their musical horizons. In November of 2003 3 Leg Torso released their second CD, titled "Astor in Paris", which is available online through CD Baby ( or at For more information contact: John Brodie, tel: 503 249 0808; PO Box 4993, Portland, OR 97208, USA. Web: (Courtney Von Drehle).

Tikun was founded in 1999 by drummer, Rob Citron. The group is made up of the most talented classical and jazz musicians in Barcelona to interpret and create a special mix of Klezmer music. Their interpretations of classic Klezmer songs and original compositions are spontaneous, interactive and full of passion, combining the virtuosity of classical music, the high energy and improvisation of jazz and the deep rooted power of the East European Jewish tradition. tikun is available for Weddings, Bar / Bat Mitzvahs, Private Parties, Festivals and Cultural Events. For more information: Tel: +34 977 690 248 / +34 656 417 961 Myspace: (Rob Citron)

Tohu veBohu: 'Now the earth was without form and void'—And out of this initial 'Tohu veBohu' came Light.... The Tohu-veBohu project brings together musicians of various cultural and religious origins: Christians, Jews and Arabs, who are eager to prove that peaceful coexistence is possible and that, short of changing the world, getting to know one another can help us to change ourselves; such encounters can enrich our lives as creative artists … and our lives beyond that, if we're willing. Each band brings in its own musical material (klezmer, Arabo-Andalusian themes, ricercares, passacaglias etc.) and offers it to the others, as a support for their creativeness and as a stimulus to improvise in their own styles. Our musical 'Tohu-veBohu' should produce a luminous and joyful atmosphere, able to engender a feeling of reverence and being at one. Tel: +41.22.755.41.23 / Fax: +41.22.776.14.94. Web: (Michel Borzykowski)

The Toronto Jewish Folk Choir is Canada's longest continuing Jewish choir (founded in 1925). This SATB choir sings music on Jewish themes, mostly in Yiddish, but also in Hebrew, Russian, Judeo- Spanish and English, as well as classical works on Jewish themes, and music of other cultures. The choir performs at various community venues and events, including the annual Warsaw Ghetto Uprising Commemoration at the Morris Winchevsky Centre. It also gives an annual spring concert with marvellous solo singers and instrumental guests. Since 2002, the choir has performed under the inspiring leadership of conductor Alexander Veprinsky, a graduate of the Mykola Lysenko Lviv State Conservatory in Ukraine in operatic and symphonic conducting. Pianist is Moscow Conservatory-trained Lina Zemelman. The choir rehearses Wednesday nights at the Morris Winchevsky Centre. While it is not necessary to read music, members may tape rehearsals and are encouraged to learn their parts at home between rehearsals. Article: Tel. Enid Moscovitch: 416-593-0750. Web: (Linda Litwack)

Touch Of Klez, based in Hamilton, Ontario, is a nine peice klezmer group including Accordion, Piano, Violin, Clarinet, Alto Sax, Soprano Sax, Guitar, Bass and percussion. We play classical Klezmer and Israeli Music with an extra special touch of klez. Tel: 905 526 7538. (Michael Glogauer)

The Triangle Jewish Chorale is based in Durham, North Carolina, this group (directed by Jane Peppler; manager, Gayla Halbrecht) sings religious and secular music in Hebrew, Yiddish, and Ladino and performs at special occasions both private and public. Web: (Jane Peppler)

Taking its name from the talking carp of Jewish folk legend, Tel Aviv-based Trio Carpion is Ashkenazi roots music at its best—a new Israeli ensemble performing the lush and evocative early 20th century repertoire from the Eastern European Jewish world as well as new compositions. Trio Carpion specializes in pre-war Yiddish and Romanian songs and the Eastern style of klezmer music rarely heard in Israel. With a deep respect for tradition and a modern sensibilty, Trio Carpion boasts three of Israel's hottest young virtuosi: vocalist and accordionist Avishai Fisz, violinist Daniel Hoffman, and multi-instrumentalist and euphonium player Gershon Waiserfirer. Cell: +972-54-4895545. Tel/Fax: +972-3-5291964. Web: (Olivia Keshet)

band photoTrio MozkovitZ from Stockholm, Sweden, a tight klezmergroup with lesser-known repertoire plays at concerts, weddings, bar/batmitzvas and all kinds of parties and events. Tel: +46 (0)8-377537. Web: (Miriam Oldenburg)

Trio Triplika, based in Canberra, Australia, are a two hundred year old violin, a decaying cimbalom and a gut-strung double bass who explore the roots of eastern European klezmer music. They don't mix it with Calypso, collaborate with DJs, or even wear fezzes, but draw inspiration and material from the earliest recordings and regular research trips to Romania, Hungary, and Moldova. Cimbalom player Tim Meyen counts Toni Arpad, the septuagenarian gypsy master from Vajdaszentivany (Voivodeni) who featured on the Muszikas album 'the Lost Jewish Music of Transylvania', among his influential teachers. (Tim Meyen)

Trombenik's musicians formed into one band in 2001. Under Trombenik's mask you could find face of a rocker, folk musician, medival troubadour, alternative or pop-funky musician, or an ethno admirer in one. Trombenik spices their tunes up with jazz, Balkan spirit, Gypsy effervescence, Latin American rhythm and rock drive, and arches the music over with ethnical essence. Trombenik klezmers played for audiences not only in Prague, Czech cities and villages, in Moravia but also abroad. Distictive sound of the band comprises five instruments: clarinet, violin, banjo, double bass and drums. Songs are sung in immigrant-accented English and Yiddish. Their first CD named Mr. Bocher was released in 2004. Tel: +420 777 11 63 06. Web: Myspace:

logoTsimtsoum joue une musique principalement issue des cultures juives d'origines d'Europe de l'Est , la musique Klezmer, musique du voyage qui regroupe déja en elle-même plusieurs influences, notamment la musique turque, polonaise, russe , roumaine ,ukrainienne et tzigane.., mais aussi le jazz et le classique. Tsimtsoum is a lively wild band that mixes many kind of influences , mainly from jewish tradition from east Europ, which is called Klezmer, but also turkish, polish , roumain, and gypsie... but you will also heard some jazz and classical influences. Web: Myspace: (Gilles Finzi)

Tsu Fil Duvids (Yiddish for "Too Many Daves") is a klezmer ensemble based in central NJ comprised of Piano Dave Schlossberg, Clarinet Dave Goldfarb, Bass Dave Schiff, Rob (Dave) Lowe on violin, Asher (Dave) Siebert on trumpet, Bill (Dave) Selden on accordion, Richard (Dave) Buchbinder on melodica/keyboard, Jill (Davida) Bloom on flute, and Beverly (Davida) Novick on poyk. The ensemble has been heard at LimmudNY, LimmudPhilly, and many NJ points in between. Web: (Asher "Dave" Siebert)

Di Tsvey—The Greenman/Rushefsky Duo" is a violin/cimbalom ensemble consisting of Steven Greenman Pete Rushefsky. (Steven Greenman)

Tummel, one of Scandinavia's leading klezmer bands, is half based in Malmö, Sweden and half in Copenhagen, Denmark. Tummel plays "klezmer for restles souls", taking the genre into a new age, and their music has been called "punk klezmer" as well as "reggae on speed". The band has toured all over Sweden, Denmark and Estonia, and has represented Sweden at the World exhibition in Hannover. With their debut Cd, "OY!" (released spring 2001), and now distributed worldwide by ARC music, Tummel takes a new step forward. The CD was nominated to a "World CD of the year" award in Denmark. (Available at the band's website). In 2004, the band released "Transit". Tummel is: Pär Moberg: saxophone; Annika Jessen: clarinet and voice; Tobias Allvin: guitar and bozouki Daniel Persson: drums; Øivind Slaatto: tuba; Edin Bahtijaragic: accordeon. Contact us at: Tel: +46-40-965687 / +46-70-965687 (mobile). Web: (Pär Moberg).

The Tummelers, our exuberant four-piece Klezmer ensemble from Baltimore, evokes the spirit of Old World Klezmer music with an American accent. We perform throughout the Baltimore-Washington area and have now produced our first CD: Shpiel, Klezmer! The CD includes traditional Klezmer tunes along with a few Yiddish theater and Israeli medleys. Our first album (1999) is called "Spiel, Klezmer" and is now available. Access our webpage and hear a soundbite at or contact us directly: telephone: (410) 484-0121 / (410)358-1018. (Michael Andorsky)

The 24th Street Klezmer Band was founded in 1996, and has been creating an explosion of sound all over the Southeast since that time. Based in Gainesville, Florida, we perform at weddings, Bar/Bat Mitzvahs and other simchas. We have also performed extensively at Folk Festivals and in concert. Our music combines dance music of Eastern Europe, Yiddish Theatre music, folk songs, and Big Band and Swing. Our first CD, "Bagels and Grits" is out of print, but we have since released "Klezarchy", and the new "Another Helping of Bagels and Grits". For Bookings, CD, or more information, contact Lisa Johnson, 120 NW 24th Street, Gainesville, Florida. 352-371-3249. Our website is: (John Monkus)

Two Cents Plain has been playing in Western Massachusetts, Northern Connecticut and the Capitol District of New York for over 20 years. We give concerts as well as play at b'nai mitzvah, weddings, parties and community events. Our members consist of 2 dentists (1 on keyboard, 1 on clarinet), a music teacher (baritone horn), a science teacher (drums), a professional violinist and a cantor (who can also participate in a wedding or baby naming as clergy). (Dr. Alan Gold).

Tzena! Tzena was born in Bangor, Maine, when an interfaith collection of local musicians was called together to play for an ecumenical Thanksgiving service. We had so much fun, that we stayed together, and have since performed at public and private events (including this year's Maine Festival). We play in ensembles of three to nine members - on saxes, clarinets, tuba, violin, keyboard, percussion, banjo, trombome, flute, and vocals. Our repertoire is Eastern European dance music and Yiddish theatre vocals and instrumentals, as well as some Israeli, Chassidic and Hebrew songs, and an occasional original creation. Background of members is rich and varied, combining many musical styles, but we stick to the ethnic sound. One member is an over-seventy veteran of a childhood in the Yiddish theatre -- we also have a Christian minister, and two church organists! Our violin player has recorded on Shanachie records with Tommy Makem, the tuba has toured Germany in a Dixieland band, and the clarinet player concertized in Europe with his local jazz ensemble. We have a wonderful time deepening our acquaintance with Klezmer! (Ellie May Shufro)

Tziganya, based in the SF Bay Area, plays Klezmer, Yiddish, Israeli dance music AND/OR folk and Gypsy music from Romania, Ukraine, Poland, Balkans, Eastern Europe and Asia Minor on accordion, clarinet, violin, hammered dulcimer (tzimbl), hand or drumset percussion, bass, sax, mandolin, balalaikas, domras, vocals. Full or smaller group available. Also French, Latin, swing..... Tel: (510) 243-1122. Web: (Nada Lewis)

Tzimmes is a Jewish music band that plays everything from klez to Ashkenazic and Sephardic folk to Israeli tunes. They have three lovely albums, out, Sweet and Hot, A lid for every pot, which was reviewed here, and the most recent (summer 1998), "Klezmyriad," all reflecting the band's eclectic taste and talents. Web: (Moshe Denburg)

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