Bands and Performing Groups: Klezmer, Jewish, and Related or Derivative musics

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Klezmer Bands, "C"

The Lori Cahan-Simon Ensemble, Cleveland, OH. Featuring the exciting and unique vocals of Lori Cahan-Simon, with Walt Mahovlich (Harmonia, Turli Tava) on accordion and clarinet, other members of Harmonia, Alex Fedoriouk (tsimbl, percussion), Ken Javor (bass), and incredible guests such as Adrianne Greenbaum (flutes, dance leader), Christina Crowder (accordion), Steven Greenman (violin). We perform Yiddish folk and theater songs, klezmer music for dancing, and specialize in Yiddish holiday music and children's songs in an authentic Eastern European Jewish style. Available for concerts and all your simchas: wedding, bar mitzvah, birthday, bris, synagogue affairs and dance parties. Three albums (Chanukah is Freylekh: Songs My Bubbe Should Have Taught Me, Volume Two 2006—clips/purchase on; Vessel of Song: The Music of Mikhl Gelbart 2003—clips/purchase on; Songs My Bubbe Should Have Taught Me, Volume One: A Yiddish Passover Celebration2001—clips/purchase on are currently available. Tel: (216) 283-2228. E-mail: Lori Cahan-Simon. (Lori Cahan-Simon)

California Klezmer is led by Gerry Tenney, of the well loved "Lomir Zingen A Yiddish Lid" (Global Village CD134). It also includes Betty Albert Schreck, the wonderful Jim Rebhan (also of the Bay Area Ellis Island), and more. This band is, essentially, the Bay Area Klezmer AllStars--and we're talking stars who go back to the very beginning of the klez revival. California Klezmer plays everything from klez, Yiddish folk, and Yiddish Rock 'n' Roll ("In der shtill von den nacht," "she's a shande on a honda," etc.) Ya wanna dance? Ya wanna party? These is my homeboys. [accolades, Ari Davidow]. Gerry describes the band as "neo traditional klezmer and yiddish music." Tel: 510 465 7911. Web: E-mail California Klezmer.

The Nachum Caplan Band, Baltimore, MD. We play at bar/bat mitvas, weddings, vorts/l'chaims, mesibas & much more…. we play mostly more yeshivesh but also simple music geared to regular baltimore people. Tel: 845-300-6169. E-mail Nachum Caplan. (Nachum Caplan)

We are the Casco Bay Tummlers Klezmer Band. Based in Portland, Maine, The Casco Bay Tummlers originated on Peaks Island in Casco Bay, hence their name. The band's specialties are as varied a mix of rhythms and sounds as you can get and still call it Klezmer. Band members include Carl Dimow, flute and guitar; Julie Goell, bass, and voice; Nancy 3. Hoffman, accordion and voice; Hayes Porterfield, percussion. And Steve Gruverman, clarinet. On our first CD, "Klezmer Music" are tuba player, Anne-Marie D'Amico and multi-instrumentalist, Ed Roseman. Second release, "Jumpin' Jewpiter", released in 2000, features clarinetist Danny Mills. The band has been together for seventeen years playing concerts, festivals and life-cycle events in New England's Jewish (and non) communities. In 2000 they toured Germany and Lithuania and are currently including Balkan, Greek and Sephardic music in their repertoire. The Tummlers' latest release, "Journey", (2005) recorded after their Italy tour, features Carl Dimow playing bass flute, and some originals and tasty arrangements of Eastern European and Middle Eastern tunes. CDs available at CD Baby, TARA PUBLICATIONS, and address below. For bookings contact: Julie Goell, (207) 766-2945 or Carl Dimow (207-766-4569). Web: E-mail Casco Bay Tummlers. (Julie Goell)

My name is Susan Stolovy. I was the violinist and founder of Cayuga Klezmer Revival, a klezmer band that played together from 1993 through 1996, after which our members dispersed across the US. We were based in Ithaca, NY (being a mixture of undergraduate and graduate students at Cornell as well as "townies"), and performed extensively throughout Central NY for festivals, club gigs, weddings, and Bar/Bat Mitzvahs. We even opened for Buckwheat Zydeco—it was fun, but probably the only thing we had in common (besides both playing extremely danceable music) was the accordion! We reunited for one last public gig at New York's Town Hall in Dec. 1997, sharing the stage with the Klezmatics, Kapelye, and some flamenco (yes, flamenco) ensembles. Our repertoire was a mixture of traditional Eastern-European tunes, Ladino, Israeli, and original tunes. Some of our arrangements and originals were influenced by other musical genres, including jazz, rock, swing, folk, ska, and reggae. Our ensemble included: violin, clarinet, tenor sax, flute, accordion, mandolin, tenor banjo, guitar (electric and acoustic), bass (electric and acoustic), drums, and guest vocalists. We released (4/96) an instrumental-only CD, "Klezmology". It is now available on iTunes. E-mail Susan Stolovy. (Susan Stolovy)

César & Marcelo (Klezmer en Buenos Aires) are now known officially as the "Lerner Moguilevsky Dúo"

Sarah Sommer Chai Folk Ensemble is a unique music and dance group in Winnipeg, Canada. Chai has been around since 1964, performing Israeli and Jewish music from virtually all parts of the world where Jewish culture has existed. The group consists of over 40 dancers, singers and musicians, and is presently (to my knowledge) the only Jewish folk dance group in North America which performs exclusively to its own live musical accompaniment. Chai released its fourth album, "Mah Yafim Haleylot" ("How Beautiful Are The Nights"), a compilation of mainly Israeli, Yemenite-Oriental and klezmer music (with a few exceptions, including a Brazilian-flavoured cover of "Lechu Neranena") in 1997. Klezmer selections include "Oy Mame, Bin Ich Farlibt" and a lively wedding medley, including the Yiddish theatre favourite, "A Chassene Tantz". Write: Chai Folk Ensemble, C402-123 Doncaster St., Winnipeg, Manitoba R3N 2B2. Tel. (204) 477-7497 / Fax (204) 477-7516. Web: E-mail Sarah Sommer Chai Folk Dance Ensemble. (Reeva Nepon)

Chai Notes LogoThe Chai Notes, Connecticut -- LIVEN up your next simcha!!! Formed at Harvard University in 1996, The Chai Notes became an instant hit on campus and throughout Boston. After graduation, the band took the show on the road, and we now perform professionally throughout the northeast (MA, CT, RI, NH, NJ, and NY) for all types of Jewish simchas -- weddings, bat/bar mitzvahs, holidays, and other occasions. We play traditional and modern Klezmer, Jewish, and Israeli music. Comprised of versatile musicians, our band can easily branch out into Top 40, James Brown, Latin, Salsa, Jazz, name it! We'd love to play great music for your simcha. Contact: Joey Cousin, (646) 303-3125. Web: E-mail Chai Notes. (Daniel Cousin)

band logoThe Chai Notes Florida, Gainesville / Orlando / Jacksonville—When several of the members of the original Charvard Chai Notes Band (formed at Harvard University in 1996) moved down to Florida, the result became the "The Chai Notes Florida." We now perform professionally throughout Florida and the southeast for all types of Jewish simchas—weddings, bat/bar mitzvahs, holidays, and other occasions. We play traditional and modern Klezmer, Jewish, and Israeli music. However, comprised of versatile musicians, our band can easily branch out into Top 40, James Brown, Latin, Salsa, Jazz, Swing … you name it! We'd love to play great music for your event. LIVEN up your next simcha with The Chai Notes Florida!!! Contact: Dan at (646) 303-3125. Web: E-mail Chai Notes. (Daniel Cousin)

ChoHo logoCharming Hostess is three women in a whirl of eerie harmony, hot rhythm and radical braininess. Our music is intensely physical, rooted in the body—voices and vocal percussion, handclaps and heartbeats, sex-breath and silence. We live where Jewish and African diasporas collide, incorporating doo-wop, Pygmy counterpoint, Balkan harmony and Andalusian melody. Our music is deeply engaged with text and with questions of authenticity, montage, and the effect of music on non-verbal languages. Trilectic, Tzadik 2001, explored the political/erotic nexus of Walter Benjamin and his Marxist muse with humor and sensuality. Sarajevo Blues, Tzadik 2004, sets Bosnian poetry as a form of love and resistance to the brutalization of war. Charming Hostess was founded by Jewlia Eisenberg to make ambitious music for voices and rock out at the same time. Our genre might best be described as NERDY-SEXY-COMMIE-GIRLY Charming Hostess: Jewlia Eisenberg, Marika Hughes, Cynthia Taylor and often Ganda Suthivarikom and Pameliya Kursten (all voices). Tel: 510.393.6168. Web: E-mail Charming Hostess. (Jewlia Eisenberg)

The Chassidic Jazz Project, Boca Raton, FL, is led by Reuben Hoch and features international percussion star Bobby Thomas Jr. The group blends traditional Chassidic melodies with elements of jazz, fusion and new world to create a multi-cultural sound that can best be described as spiritual music at its best. The music is ancient and modern, spiritual and soulful, world-class and brand-new. Web: For bookings, contact our agent: Marilyn Gilbert. E-mail The Chassidic Jazz Project. (Jeanette Bloshinsky)

David Chevan (bass) and Warren Byrd (piano) have been exploring Jewish and African-American sacred music in a jazz context, for several years. Their first recording, "Avadim Hayinu", was released in 1998. Their second album, "Let us break bread together" was released in 2000, on Reckless DC Music, PO Box 6183, Whitneyville, CT 06517. They appear frequently in Connecticut. Web: E-mail David Chevan. (David Chevan)

The Chicago Klezmer Ensemble is Chicago's "other" klezmer band. Led by Brave Old World clarinetist, Kurt Bjorling, the band is a wonderful, traditional, straight-ahead klez band. Strictly klez--great klez. No vocals. Their original release, a cassette, "1989," is one of my favorite "get lost in wonderful music played wonderfully" albums. The cassette was finally released on CD by Oriente in 2001 as "Early Years, 1987 - 1989." They also appear on the compilation, Klezmer Music: A Marriage of Heaven and Earth. A second CD, "Sweet Home Bukovina," was been released on the Oriente label in 1998. If it isn't easily available in the US, contact the band for your personal copy. Tel: 847-475-3905. Web: E-mail Chicago Klezmer Ensemble. (Kurt Bjorling)

ChickenFat Klezmer Orchestra formed at Chicago's Old Town School of Folk Music under the tutelage of Jon Spiegel and Stuart Rosenberg. We play a variety of klezmer styles influenced by Greek, Romanian, Turkish and Bulgarian music, with a few originals in the mix. We are available for private events in the Greater Chicagoland area. Web: E-mail Chicken Fat Klezmer Orchestra. (Brian Armknecht)

Cholent is a klezmer band located in the northwest suburbs of Chicago. We are five seasoned musicians all of whom share a love of klezmer. We play klezmer and yidish songs for all occasions. Tel: 847-966-9201. E-mail Cholent. (Les Feller)

The Chopped Liver River Band, based in Lancaster, PA, is pate minus the attitude. The Chopped Liver River Band has the attitude that klezmer, a generations-old folk music from Eastern Europe, should be played and cherished once again. Members of the group, affiliated with Congregation Shaarai Shomayim formed their musical bond eight years ago and have performed in such places as Fulton Opera House, Longwood Gardens, LancasterFest, Mt. Gretna and ArtsFest besides regular gigs at their synagogue. But this is not your mother's klezmer. The band's tunes are mixed with Yiddish, sprinkled with light jazz, simmered with exhilarating rhythms along with a dash of comedy and served by a musical director who, according to their trombone player, has learned to stop waving his arms when the music stops. Web: E-mail Chopped Liver River Band. (Jeff Woodman)

Di Chuzpenics are an acoustic quartett (oboe/cor anglais, violin, accordion, and lead-singer) performing instrumental klezmer and jiddish songs. Most of our music is traditional, but we arrange every song and dance ourselves and in common. We play a lot in Northern Germany including Berlin, giving both concerts in culture halls, churches e.g., and at private occasions, parties, in the streets … Di Chuzpenics have released five CDs, "Chuzpe" (1999), "bejmelech" (2000), "tsulib maschke" (2004), "Glik" (2008), “glat asoj” (2013). For more information visit our homepage, Tel/fax: +49 431 1490306. E-mail Di Chuzpenics. (Christine v. Bülow)

Sydney, Australia-based band Chutzpah plays traditional klezmer music using clarinet, banjo, tuba and accordion. Especially suited for weddings, bat/bar mitzvahs and other Jewish simchas. E-mail Chutzpah. (Maria Custodio)

My name is Josh Moss and I am the director of The Cincinnati Klezmer Project. I [have set up a web page] that is devoted to people who are in the same situation we were in a year ago, namely, wanting to start a community-oriented klezmer group but having trouble getting your hands on material as fast as you need it. In the meantime, let me say that our group has clarinets, fiddles, sax, trumpets, string bass, tuba, mandolin, vocals, drums, guitar, keyboard, flute. We have an open rehearsal/jam session on the first Sunday of the month at a local coffee shop. If any of you klezmorim out there in cyberspace find yourselves in the Queen City, please look us up. Web: contains gifs of several klez arrangements. E-mail Cincinnati Klezmer Project. (Josh Moss)

City Streets klezmer band is a street band based in Exeter, UK. It is a community band open to all with an interest in klezmer and comprises around 10 musicians at the moment. The band was set up with support from JMI and mentoring by Merlin Shepherd. The project is led by Basil Bunelik, accordionist with Troika, who has organised a series of gigs in the South West of England. Contact him on 07815-925-741. Web: E-mail City Streets. (Basil Bunelik)

Collected Stories Project. Torontonians Martin van de Ven (Beyond the Pale, Flying Bulgar Klezmer band) and Brian Katz have teamed up to explore their eclectic musical backgrounds through their common interest in Klezmer music. Their CD "collected Stories" features fresh, vivid renditions of Klezmer classics, and extends outwards to include Armenian, Israeli, Bulgarian and original compositions. Tel: 416-656-5995. Web: E-mail Collected Stories Project. (Brian Katz)

The Columbia Klezmer Band (NYC, NY), founded in 2001, is a group of talented Columbia, Barnard, and JTS students from a variety of musical backgrounds. Our repertoire is mostly traditional, and we have performed in various festivals at Columbia and at other colleges, as well as at private performances. Web: E-mail Columbia Klezmer. (Abigail Ebin)

Coral Israelita Brasileiro Brazilian Jewish choir, Rio de Janeiro. "O Coral Israelita Brasileiro é um coral misto, adulto, atualmente constituído de mais de 80 Coralistas , todos amadores, sem nenhuma discriminação de religião, raça ou côr. O seu regente é o professor Abrahão Rumchinsky. Web: Para maiores informações, favor entrar em contato com o E-mail Coral Israelita Brasileiro. (Bernardo Hartenberg)

The Cornell University Klezmer Ensemble was founded in January 2004 by Joel Rubin. Its initial focus, based on Dr. Rubin's research, included American klezmer from New York and Philadelphia of the 1910s and 1920s, the repertoire of New York clarinetist Dave Tarras, and Russian (Ukraine/Belarus) klezmer from pre-revolutionary times. The band has since expanded its repertoire to include niggunim, Yiddish theatre tunes, and other Jewish music. The ensemble is currently led by trombonist Ryan Zawel and is open to all interested musicians (rehearsals are Tuesdays 7-9 pm in Lincoln Hall Rm. B21 on the Cornell University campus). Web: E-mail Cornell University Klezmer Ensemble. (Ryan Zawel)

The Cracow Klezmer Band, is now known as Bester Quartet (Jan, 2007)

Cradle Duende is a combination of Kezmer and Flamenco to be coined ‘Klezmenco” with a new twist of latin influence to get people dancing when necessary. Ancient Nigunim mixed with non-western rhythms combine for a unique performance that draws local communities together to celebrate life to it’s fullest. Web: E-mail Cradle Duende. (Morgan Nilsen)

The Mike Curtis Klezmer Quartet has just released a CD on Louie Records, Street Song (fall 1997)(. The personnel for this jazz-flavored klezmer group is 4 former members of OOmph Intercontinental Klezmer (sans singer & guitarist). Much of the music is original and improvisations take place chronically--bits of funk, swing, Middle Eastern and just plain creative tossed into a klezmer stew. Instrumentation is Mike on clarinet, sop sax, and tarogato, Dave Leslie on accordion & elec keys, Dan Scollard on elec bass, and Dave Storrs (possibly the world's greatest klez drummer). It is available by calling (541) 440-9680 and will be available through Tara Music soon. The CD is also available from Mike has published quite a few klezmer books through Advance Music of Germany: duos, trios, quartets, and dandy books of transcribed repertoire from the old days. E-mail Mike Curtis.

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