Bands and Performing Groups: Klezmer, Jewish, and Related or Derivative musics

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Klezmer Bands, "M"

"The Machaya Klezmer Band has become the Washington/Baltimore area's premier Klezmer and Yiddish music group. Formed in 1988 by Jay McCrensky, the goal was to create a new Jewish band that could master the style, feeling and dynamism of authentic East European Jewish music. True Klezmer music is characterized by moving and dramatic improvisation and the cantorial, vocal, often crying style reminiscent of Jewish prayer. Like the cantor, the lead musician sobs, laughs, and slides from note to note. Machaya has succeeded in duplicating that marvelous sound of the famous Klezmer bands of the 1920s and '30s. The versatile musicians carry on an exciting dialogue in that free-style, improvisational mode that characterizes true Klezmer music. The band has two commercial recordings (an eponymous first recording, and What a Machaya!) which are available from the band or at record and Jewish gift stores." Tel: 301-404-6273. E-mail Machaya Klezmer Band. (Barbara Hess).

My name is Iliya Magalnyk. I am the musical director of Magalnyk Klezmer Band, based in Nesher, Israel. The band was founded In 1993 and includes three musicians: Leonid Rutshtein – violin; Iliya Magalnyk – accordion; Vadim Musnikov – clarinet,saxophone. The artists try to experiment mixing different musical genres: Classic, klezmer(jewish), jazz, etc. Thanks to virtuosity by musicians together with original composition and adaptation by Iliya Magalnyk, the bend has won high acclaim by both professional musicians and listeners in Israel and abroad: France, Austria, Germany, USA, and Poland. The CD "The wandering stars" includes the best pieces from the band repertoire. Tel: 972-52-2265239. E-mail Magalnyk Klezmer. (Iliya Magalnyk)

Winner of the Radio-Canada Étoiles-Galaxie 2009 Prize, Magillah is a yiddish / klezmer band founded in 2007 by Montreal accordionist-arranger Henri Oppenheim (Kleztory). In 2008 they released an album with a brass section and the great canadian singer Allan Merovitz. Comedian/singer Michelle Heisler joined the band in late 2010. With violinist Julie Triquet (I Musici de Montreal), Mathieu Deschenaux (bass), Eric Breton (percs) the show includes yiddish, klezmer pieces, and monologues about jewish life. Contact /Infos / Booking : Henri Oppenheim (1) 514-272-8635. Web: E-mail Magillah Klezmer. (Henri Oppenheim)

Based in the Triangle area of North Carolina, The Magnolia Klezmer Band is an anti-depressive Moldavian,Ukranian,Romanian, dixieland, swing 10 piece Klezmer jazz band. Abe Schwartz, Kandel, KCB with a Southern kick. Plus vocals in Yiddish and English. Now in its 12th year and based in the Research Triangle area of North Carolina. The full size industrial strength band for festivals/ concerts and smaller configurations (5 - 6) for simchas. Tel: (919) 942-1347. Web: E-mail Magnolia Klezmer. (Elliott Mills)

Mahadrin Klezmer Ensemble is a new Klezmer band in Minneapolis which rehearses right off the University of Minnesota's Twin Cities campus. E-mail Mahadrin Klezmer Ensemble. (Raysh Weiss)

  • Mala Klezmer is an International music ensemble based in the San Francisco Bay Area, California. They share repertoire from Southern and Eastern Europe, while creating a rich interactive experience through performance, music therapy, and education. Tel: 415 603 9596. (Morgan Nilsen)

  • Malarchy, based in Bristol, UK, rip the wedding band rulebook to shreds, bringing Klezmer, Romani, Balkan, and Jazz styles to a never-ending celebration. This passionate, intricate, fast, and extremely danceable world quintet tear through the musical traditions of Europe as if it were the last night on Earth. Welcome to the party ! Malarchy are Nell Farrally (Violin), Cris Pierssené (Guitar), Russ Oroonie (Percussion), Jo Levine (Accordion) & Jane Harwood (Bass). Highlights of their musical career include performing for Glastonbury Festival of Performing Arts and BBC Music Live, giving numerous radio interviews to the BBC, and running their own stage at many festivals. Tel: (+44) 07921 146639. Web: E-mail Malarchy. (Cris Pierssené)

    The Mama Doni Band is a quirky and energetic family-friendly rock band that is dedicated to making Jewish culture fresh and fun for people of all ages,(everyone from "babies to bubbies" we like to say.) The lead singer, Mama Doni, AKA, Doni Zasloff Thomas, is a hip Jewish mom and preschool music teacher who loves to share her passion for Jewish culture through a wild mix of music including everything from reggae to rock, klezmer to "Jewgrass"—all woven together wit Yiddish terms and Jewish themes. In 2008 the band was the winner of the Simcha Award for "Inspiring Joy Through Music," at the International Jewish Music Festival Competition in Amsterdam, Holland, and released the debut album called, "I Love Herring (and Other Fish Shticks For Kids)." This hot new band is doing concerts all over the country for JCCs, Preschools, Synagogues, Festivals spreading their joy wherever they go! Go to to hear some samples. The Band includes Mama Doni: Lead Singer; Adam Nelson: Guitar/Album Producer; Alexander Tyshkov: Bass; Ken Walz: Drummer. E-mail Mama Doni. (Adam Nelson)

    The prize-winning ensemble Mames Babegenush came out of the vibrant cultural milieu in Copenhagen 2004 specializing in the authentic Jewish dance music from Eastern Europe and the American bulgar tradition, also exploring other genres including tango, rock, cumbia, electronica and Israeli. In 2008 the ensemble was selected to the Carnegie Hall Young Artists Program by David Krakauer, Alicia Svigals, Michael Alpert and Josh Dolgin (SoCalled). In 2009 they released their much acclaimed debut album "Klezmer Killed the Radio Star" which was nominated for the Danish World Music Awards and praised by critics. Start 2011 saw the release of the bands second album entitled 'My Heart Aches When The Angels Dance'. One of their career highlights to date is their participation in The 2nd International Jewish Music Competition in Amsterdam, October 2010. As the only ensemble they were the winner of three prizes—the Jury's Special Prize for cultural bridge building in music, the Booker's Prize and the biggest prize of all The Audience Prize. Bandmembers are Emil Goldschmidt: Clarinet, vocal, percussion; Lukas Rande: Saxophones, vocal; Bo Rande: Trumpet, Flugelhorn, Omnichord, vocal, percussion; Nicolai Kornerup: Accordeon, Synth, vocal; Andreas Møllerhøj: Bass, Synth, vocal; Christian Hørsted: Drums, vocal. Web: E-mail Mames Babegenush. (Lukas Rande)

    Mappamundi plays klezmer and Israeli dance music, Yiddish folk and theater songs, Israeli sacred and secular songs, and Sephardic music for weddings, bar/bat mitzvahs, celebrations of all kinds. Instrumentation includes fiddle, viola, cello, bass, piano, clarinet, bandura, domro, bouzouki, percussion, concertina. Tel: 919-383-8952. Web: E-mail Mappamundi. (Jane Peppler)

    The name of my band is Mashke. We are Boston's Jewish Party Band! We play the entire gamut of Jewish and non-Jewish music that one hears at weddings, bar/bat mitzvahs, etc. Between the 6 of us we play clarinet, tenor sax, alto sax, guitar, bass, accordion, keyboards, drums/percussion, trombone and three of us sing. We feature songs in Yiddish, Hebrew and Ladino as well as the American repertoire. We can play music suitable for American dancing (rock, swing, etc.) while still staying within the Jewish tradition. We also teach Israeli dancing. We are available for weddings, bar/bat mitzvahs, concerts, celebrations, etc. For more info, see our website at Tel: (508) 358-2706. E-mail Mashke. (Dick Rosenberg)

    Mashké, based in Paris, France, is the meeting of four musicians of different origins and worlds each inspired by a desire to infuse the traditional Eastern-European Jewish musical repertoire with their own reality and sounds. It’s the will to blend words and languages to combine heterogeneous cultures and territories, to revisit and reinterpret magnificent melodies.But above all it’s an invitation to share, dance and songs as well as dreams, emotions and reflexions.A fine cocktail, full of emotions supported by a powerful colourful voice of Violaine. She transmits with passion the beauty of Yiddish and Sephardic songs accompanying herself with accordion. A grec buzuki, an Italian mandolin and a gypsi guitar can be heard as well. It’s also a clarinet with an Ashkenazy accent married with the warmth of oriental percussion. From this charming mishmash appears an innovative and generous music. From west to east, orient to occident, with Mashké you will embark on a fabulous voyage along an open frontier…. Web: E-mail Mashké.

    Massel-Tov: Take six musicians of five different religious convictions, four cultural backgrounds, three nationalities, two generations and one kind of music: klezmer. This seething mixture guarantees poetic moments, breathless excitement, melancholy and effusive madness - sometimes even at the same time. Massel-Tov does not only revive the traditional songs and melodies and transfers them into modern times, but contributes also own compositions to the existing repertoire of klezmer and yiddish songs. New and complex arrangements add a personal, distinctive and unique note. During the last six years Massel-Tov has given more than 500 concerts in Germany, Italy and Israel proving that the groups ranks as one of the leading bands contributing to the revival of klezmer and yiddish song in Germany. "Massel- Tov - that's 'poetic perfection'" (Deutsche Zeitung). Their live album, "Vas iz vikhtik..." was released in 2002. Web: Have fun (although the page is entirely in German). Contact: T./F.: +49-896258449 Mobil: +49-172-3754466. E-mail Massel-Tov. (Andrea Pancur)

    Max Klezmer Band is the leading group of its genre in Poland, mixing Klezmer music and jazz. The band was formed in 1998 by Max Kowalski. The main drive behind the band is traditional Jewish music, and thanks to an original selection of instruments and constant creative search, we have developed our own original style and sound. We play in Poland and Europe (Sweden, Byelorussia, Latvia, Slovakia, Czech Republic, Germany, France, Belgium ) and we have worked with various famous Polish musicians. The present Max Klezmer Band members have been together since 2006,and we are continuing our adventure in klezmer jazz fusion, linking traditional themes, improvisation and our own composition. The band has recorded a few CD's to date, the last being "Nu Klezmer Project", and our most recent album, "TSUNAMI", which premiered on the 17/08/07 in Owczarnia Muzyczna. Web: E-mail Max Klezmer Band. (Max Kowalski)

    Greetings from Chicago! My name is Lori Lippitz, and I formed the Maxwell St. Klezmer Band in 1983. We comprise eleven members: clarinet, sax, violin, trumpet, trombone, string bass, piano, percussion two vocalists (myself and Kimber Leigh Nussbaum), and "Dancin' Steve" Weintraub (sometimes with his dance partner). When we are performing for private parties, we are sometimes joined by vocalist Bibi Marcell, as well as a rock guitarist and male pop vocalist. Alex Koffman (violin) is our musical director and writes original compositions and arrangements. Our main inspirations: Yiddish theater and Broadway, 1920's klez recordings, Russian, Chassidic, Mickey Katz, early Big Band and classical music. Our main drive: sharing our energy and inspiration with the audience--creating a theatrical setting in which they feel transported back to another place and time, which Yiddish culture was a vibrant force in the community. We are not hip or edgy, academic or rigorously authentic. We have four recordings: Old Roots, New World (2002) and You Should Be So Lucky! (1996) on the Shanachie label, Sweet Early Years (1991) (self-produced) and Maxwell St. Days (1986) (not available). We also self-produced a cassette single called The Matzorena—a spoof with two versions (one per side) and nice fold-out J-card with photo dance instructions. We divide our time between performance and the Chicago simcha scene. We played at Carnegie Hall in 1998 and seven times in Europe. We also orchestrate and perform for the Yiddish Arts Ensemble, a theater troupe presenting new plays based on Yiddish folklore, including "Hershel and the Hanukkah Goblins." To promote Yiddishkeit in the Midwest to the next generation, accept donations to our not-for-profit organization, The Klezmer Music Foundation, to support educational efforts such as the Junior Klezmer Orchestra (18 students meeting twice a month); the annual Midwest Klezmer and Yiddish Music Institute; and a set of arrangements for beginning klezmer bands, "The Joy of Klez" (Tara Publications). The band can be reached at: 4025 Harvard Terrace Skokie, IL 60076, tel: 847-675-4800. Web: E-mail Maxwell St. Klezmer Band. (Lori Lippitz)

    Mayim is a 3 piece band with accordion, clarinet & viola playing klezmer, israeli & eastern european music for dances, weddings, parties etc based in pembrokeshire, west wales. Tel: 01239 612619. E-mail Mayim. (Ruth Clark)

    Mazel Tov Cocktail is based in Minneapolis, MN. We are a 7 to 9 piece band. We play Klezmer and Gypsy music. E-mail Mazel Tov Cocktail. (Jeanette Nelson)

    Mazel Tov Cocktail is a Vancouver, B.C. based Jewish Folk/World beat trio. Our primary repertoire covers traditional Jewish music in many styles—Hebrew,Yiddish, Israeli, Liturgical, Ladino and Klezmer. We also perform some traditional pieces from other countries including Russia, Greece and Iran. Web: E-mail Mazel Tov Cocktail, Vancouver. (Michael Corber)

    The Mazel Tov Klezmer Band, Seattle's first klezmer band, was founded in 1980 by Peter Lippman, a Seattle native. Its first performance was in August of that year. The band was inspired by the Klezmorim, and benefited from Martin Schwartz's and Henry Sapoznik's generous sharing of musical source material. The Mazel Tov Klezmer Band existed until 1982. The Mazel Tov Klezmer Band is to be differentiated from the Mazeltones, which was founded later in the same city. E-mail Peter Lippman. (Peter Lippman)

    Keeping alive pre-holocaust Yiddish & Romany tunes. Mazel Tov! Kocktail Hour has appeared at local cafes, restaurants, parties, weddings, and schools in and around Austin, Texas, playing with their unique style these old tunes. Web: E-mail Mazel Tov! Kocktail Hour.

    The Mazel Tov Orchestra is Portland, Oregon's, premier, and longest lived, klezmer band. We are also well versed in Israeli music, as well as jazz, latin and swing. We play lots of weddings, bar/bat mitzvahs, parties, as well as public festivals in Oregon and Washington. We are happy to travel on request. Our first CD, "Yiddishe Tam" was released in 2003. Tel: (503) 282-2668. Web: E-mail Mazel Tov Orchestra. (Sammy Epstein)

    Mazel Tov Texas! based in Austin, TX, plays weddings, Bar/Bat Mitzvahs, other simchas. We are also available for concerts. We are experienced professionals. Web: E-mail Mazel Tov Texas!. (Sammy Epstein)

    The Mazeltones injected a wonderful note of humor into traditional-ish klezmer and Jewish folk. With songs like "Seattle, Seattle," and "Borsht Rider in the Sky" they attracted klez fanatics worldwide, while entertaining locals with your basic, solid, entertaining, wide-ranging Jewish musics of all kinds. Their last album was Dancing with the Little Ones. Several members are now in Kugel. For information, e-mail Mazeltones.

    Mazik is a klezmer chamber group based in Montreal, QC, Canada. We play an interesting potpourri of trad/classical/jazz/electroacoustic sounds. Tel: (514) 804-1437. Our web page is at E-mail Mazik. (Alex Kehler)

    Mazl represents a new generation of Yiddish song. Based in Minneapolis, MN, and fronted by twenty-something Yiddishist Amanda Seigel, Mazl combines cultural and musical acumen to create energetic and memorable performances. Heartfelt and humorous interpretations of Yiddish songs from the Old World to the New provide a portal into the rich world of Eastern European Jewish life. Interpretive translations make Mazl's performances accessible to non-Yiddish-speaking audiences of all ages. Mazl's founders and core members are Amanda Seigel on vocals and James Vculek on accordion and piano, frequently joined by bass, violin, guitar and other instruments. Contact Amanda Seigel: 612/872-1168. E-mail Mazl. (James Vculek)

    Mazzeltov & Rolinha Kross is based in The Netherlands, playing klezmer music and yiddish songs. Some pieces are traditional dance music, others more modern arranged tunes. Web: E-mail Mazzeltov. (Harm van den Berg).

    The Mediterranean Klezmer Ensemble, currently based in Los Angeles, was established in 2002 by Lior Kaminetsky and has performed at various music festivals in Israel, Europe and in the U.S. The Ensemble's style ranges from classics to Klezmer and ethnic Mediterranean, bridging traditional and modern, East and West. The Ensemble's premiere album reflects the breadth of Lior's musicianship—his virtuosity as a performer and his originality as an arranger and composer. The pieces fuse traditional melodies with exciting improvisation and vocals. For more information and samples of our music please visit our website: E-mail The Mediterranean Klezmer Ensemble. (Lior Kamenitsky)

    Mejoeches, Maastricht, Netherlands was started in 1994. Anna Janssen, studied violin under Andreï Serbanescu, then Greek traditional music, and was struck by the similarity between Greek traditional music, Yiddish klezmer music and Sefardian music, which is the music of Spanish and Portuguese Jews of whom many traveled to Greece. She started to work together with Jesse de Haas, an all round artist who is a piano player as well as a painter and a photographer, and is considered an extraordinary gifted autodidact. In the following years they got company from singers Marianne Lap and Martha Mulder and the double-bass player Jaap Linde. As a group, Mejoeches presented their first CD in July 2001 and they performed in the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany and Poland. The Yiddish name stands for "from aristocratic descent", "well born" and has an ironic undertone. The members of the group are: Anna Janssen, violin; Jesse de Haas, piano; Jaap Linde, double bass; Marianne Lap and Martha Mulder, vocals. Our programm is klezmer, Yiddish songs and songs in Ladino. We have played at the klezmerfestival Landgraaf (the Netherlands), Jewish parties, etc., and on TV Maastricht. Web: (Dutch). Tel: 00314 3367 0133. E-mail Mejoeches. (Anna Janssen)

    band photoMelech Mechaya is a festive journey through klezmer music, with a contagious sound of arabian flavours, gypsy rythms and the yiddish tradition. From Hungary to Israel, from the Balcans to New York, those are parties and celebrations with standing audiences and empty chairs. Between laughter and dancing, this is great party not recommended to those with heart problems! This Portuguese quintet from Lisbon, with clarinet, violin, guitar, double-bass and percussion, started out in 2007 and have played in almost a hundred concert-parties throughout Portugal, and also visited Spain and Croacia. Our CD, Budja Ba was released in 2008. MySpace: E-mail Melech Mechaya. (Miguel Veríssimo)

    Mental Yenta, Gilbert, AZ. We are High Energy Klezmer. We klez, we rock, we act inapropriately. Our musical Influences: Golem, The Klezmatics, North Strand Klezmer Band, Matisyahu, Green Day, Madness, Everything ever recorded or played live. Not the Bee Gees. Attitude Influences: Tevye, Southpark, Asylum Street Spankers, Me First and the Gimme Gimmes, Latka Gravas, Tom Waits. Web: E-mail Mental Yenta.

    Merkavah, based in NYC, was formed in New Orleans, a city known for great music, and originally called "Kol Ha-Ge'ulah". We are a 5-piece band consisting of: soprano saxophone/flute/clarinet, organ/keyboards, electric guitar, upright acoustic bass, and a full drum kit. All members of the band are Jewish, and are also professionally trained musicians. Kol HaGeulah specializes in Chabad nigunim, as well as the standard wedding, and klezmer music as well. Let us provide the simcho for your upcoming event which will be a taste of the ultimate simcho of when Moshiach will arrive (May it be speeedily in out days!). Check out our featured article on under the search "Jazz in the Sukkah"! Tel: 718-793-3547 / Cell: 917-373-9613. Web: E-mail Kol HaGeulah. (Yerachmiel Altizio)

    Meshuggina Klezmorim means crazy musicians. Our band is made up of professional musicians that have fun performing and making music together. Our instrumentation consists of clarinet, drums, keyboard, tuba and violin. The Meshuggina Klezmorim originally formed as a trio and has now blossomed into a five piece band or a five piece band with vocalist if requested. We perform locally as the featured artist for Hanukkah celebrations and Israel Independence Day celebrations. We perform regularly at weddings, Bar and Bat Mitzvahs, family reunions and various special events. Meshuggina Klezmorim provides fun and lively music. Please contact us to receive a copy of our instrumental and/or vocal demos. Tel: (702) 255-4214. E-mail Meshuggina Klezmorim. (Lee Schreiber)

    Meshugga Klezmer Band—for that Authentic Arkansas Klezmer Sound. Meshugga Klezmer Band formed in Little Rock in 1999 and has performed with the Arkansas Symphony Orchestra and for Bar/Bat Mitzvahs, Jewish Food Festivals, Juanita’s Cantina, The Afterthought Longe, Acoustic Sounds Café and private parties. Meshugga musicians are Jim Harper, clarinet; Meredith Maddox, violin; Casey Huie, trombone; Steve Giles, keyboards; Peter Miller, guitar; Jack Prichett, bass; and, Rand Retzloff, drums. Web: E-mail Meshugga Klezmer Band. (Jim Harper).

    I want to introduce, if I may, a new band called Meshuggenismo. It's a group of veteran San Francisco-based latin jazz and salsa players doing klezmer standards (mostly) in styles such as son, guaracha, merengue, cha cha, bolero and so on. It's about the joy of putting things together in ways that weren't in the manual. It's also, among other things, a twisted way of celebrating the unsung (or not-enough-sung) Jewish musicians who helped create what we now call salsa. It's a lot of fun. You can hear samples from our just-finished demo CD at this web site: E-mail Meshuggenismo. (Ted Kuster)

    Mesinke was founded in 1991 and recorded their first CD "mir lebn ejbig" in 1992. Their second CD "nischt ahin un nischt zurik" (1995) also consists of own songs and more experimental arrangements and the use of instruments like a harp, a flute and percussions. In 1997 the band recorded their third album "kejn schworzer tog in lebn", which includes a number of songs that were written by Alex "Klezmer" Maier, Erika Spielvogel (Der Kaktus) and Thilo Jörgl (Rayas Restaurant). Apart from freaky songs like the mazekneydl-song "Rayas Restaurant", the band recorded 6 poems (in German) of the unknown Jewish poet Theodor Kramer, who was a close friend of Thomas Mann and had to flee into the USA in the 1930s. The fourth CD "tanz jiddele" was released in 2001 on ranvoll records. Juri Finkelberg plays the violin on most tracks. Mesinke played a number of Festivals in Germany and abroad including the "International Klezmer Festival Safed" in 1999. The band was invited to play music for the silent movie "Der Golem" by Paul Wegener in 20 cinemas all over Germany. Mesinke had been a supporting act for bands like "The Klezmatics", "Klezgoyim", "Kol Simcha" and others in Germany. Drummer and guitar-player Thilo Joergl has organized several Klezmer Festivals in the Bavarian region. Some members have been participants of the "Weimar Klezmer Wochen" since 2001. The band consist of the following members: Juergen Gross: guitar, accordeon, harp, mandoline, vocals; Nicki Hausmann: guitar, percussions, vocals; Thilo Joergl: guitar, percussions, vocals; Erika Spielvogel: flute, vocals; Alex "Klezmer" Maier: clarinet, sax; Johanna Mueller: fiddl. Mesinke started their new in January 2005. Web: (German). E-mail Mesinke.

    Metropolitan Klezmer, formed in 1994 by drummer Eve Sicular, is a neo-traditional group of top players from New York's downtown and World Music scenes. In all, this adventurous, versatile and virtuosic group is an octet (for special occasions also performing in smaller lineups). With members' backgrounds spanning styles from Albanian to zydeco and reggae to Latin jazz to cabaret, the band finds material everywhere from vintage film soundtracks to lesser-known dance gems, creating vibrant arrangements and beautifully genre-defiant originals. Repertoire includes expressive reflections of klezmer's Balkan, Greek, Turkish and Arabic strands; exuberant takes on 2nd Avenue Yiddish swing and tango; raucous bulgars, modal slapstick, odd-meter holiday surprises, haunting folk tunes; Sephardic and Hungarian Jewish music; 19th-century anarchist waltz, new spins on theater music from Soviet Moscow to Swinging London to unexpected Broadway show classics, and revamped vintage ballads of love and protest. The eight-piece crew (including founding members) have also worked with such diverse artists as Rufus Wainwright, David Krakauer, Bonnie Raitt, The Microscopic Septet, Indigo Girls, Toshi Reagon, Bruce Springsteen, Alhambra, RadioDread, Hazmat Modine, Anthony Braxton, Jimmy Scott, Burning Spear, and Andy Statman. Our CDs have won two Outmusic Awards and rave reviews: Traveling Show (2007 - live in concert!), Surprising Finds (2003), Mosaic Persuasion (2001), and Yiddish for Travelers (1997)—distributed worldwide by Stern's Music. International airplay includes CNN, NPR, PRI, and WDR. The full band consists of clarinet / alto saxophone, accordion, vocals, trumpet / flugelhorn, trombone, violin / ney flute / qanun zither, bass / tuba and drums. An original MK bandmate was the wonderful clarinet/tenor sax artist Howie Leess [1920-2003]. We perform regularly at festivals, concerts, clubs, celebrations, and simkhes (for private events, we can perform many styles beyond klezmer as well). Contact us at 151 First Avenue #145, New York NY 10003, tel: 212-475-4544, fax: 212-677-6304. Website for Metropolitan Klezmer & our all-female sister band the Isle of Klezbos: E-mail: Metropolitan Klezmer. (Eve Sicular)

    Go back in time to your Jewish shtetl with the Miami Klezmer Band! Started by a group of Ukrainian and USSR-born Jewish refugees, the band has been bringing Jewish music to the Jewish community for decades, celebrating weddings, Bar/Bat Mitzvahs, holidays, entertaining crowds at art festivals, presenting educational programs on the Klezmer and Yiddish music, performing in concerts at universities, community organizations, retirement communities and clubs! We play a variety of music: Klezmer, Yiddish tradition, Jewish jazz, Israeli, dance party, religious celebrations, etc. – working to build a program that fits your needs. Led by the virtuoso accordionist, Peter Sadkhin, the band consisted of highly experienced and talented musicians, each adding their unique touch to the lively and soul-stirring melodies. Tel: 561-701-6207. Web:

    Made up of Michigan State University graduate music students, the Michigan State Klezmorim were formed in January 2010 by clarinetist Will Cicola, and regularly perform at a number of campus and community events in E. Lansing. Tel: (607) 216-8608. Web: E-mail: Michigan State Klezmorim. (Will Cicola)

    The Michutanim, based on Long Island, N.Y. are a lively Klezmer duo featuring Bobby (Blues) Brenner and Noam Segal. We feature Klezmer and Yiddish favorites sung and played on keyboard and mandolin and fiddle as well as hysterical Jewish shtick comedy. Contact: at 516-361-9642. E-mail: Michutanim. (Noam Segal)

    Midnight Ride Klezmer is based in the Boston, MA area. Available for weddings, bat/bar mitzvahs, parties, dances, and more. E-mail Midnight Ride Klezmer. (Edie Epstein)

    Aaron Alexander's Midrash Mish Mosh, is based in New York City. This band, led by drummer/composer Aaron Alexander, plays original klezmer compositions by the leader, which integrate a deep knowledge of and reverence for the klezmer tradition, combined with other modern influences, including thrash punk, free jazz, african and balkan musics. Tel: (646)414-2326. Write: PO Box 2444, NY NY 10108. Web: E-mail Aaron Alexander. (Aaron Alexander)

    Mikveh is several of the top musicians on the international klezmer scene, who have joined together to create music that reflects the experience of Jewish women. Lauren Brody, accordion; Adrienne Cooper, vocals; Nicki Parrott, bass; Alicia Svigals, violin. The group's first album was released in 2001 to great acclaim. Contact: PO Box 1040, Port Washington, NY 11050. Web: E-mail Mikveh. (Alicia Svigals)

    The Minnesota Klezmer Band is now known as Klezmerica (MN).

    Millie and the Mentshn was founded in 2002 when Millie became inspired by journals written by her grandfather's cousin, Morris Tenenbaum, born in 1896 in Lithuania. The descriptions were so vivid that Millie started to research the melodies that must have been playing in the background throughout their lives and she began to set the stories to music. Since 2002, we have developed a number of programs of varying lengths, from dance music, to musical entertainment with stories, to a full multimedia presentation of music, stories, and slides. Although we are based in Bellingham, WA, our performances have been well received in such locations as St. Paul, Minnesota (Concert at St. Paul JCC), Anchorage, Alaska (Concert at Congregation Beth Sholom), and Fairbanks, Alaska (Concert for the Fairbanks Symphony Association). Web_page: E-mail Millie and the Mentshn. (Millie J. Johnson)

    Minnie Moosika, Sheffield, Yorkshire, UK, play passionate, frenetic, foot stamping music for dance, from Eastern European and Klezmer traditions. Clarinet, fiddle, double bass, mandola, voice and guitar—tight melodies, sharp arrangements that will whisk you away......" We formed in 2003 to go on a tour of Spain and have played at festivals in England and Ireland. Our other influences include english ceilidh, flamenco, french folk music and anything else we like ! Web: E-mail Minnie Moosika. (Jo Veal)

    Minsker Kapelye The Minsker Kapelye ensemble based in Minsk, Belarus, and Brooklyn, NY, was launched back in 2001 by Dmitri Slepovitch, an ethnomusicologist, composer, and clarinetist. The band's primary goal is to revive the musical heritage of Belarusian and Lithuanian Jewish communities. The ensemble's repertoire is based on the material brought by Dr. Dmitri Slepovitch and late Dr. Nina Stepanskaya (1954-2007) from expeditions across Belarus and Lithuania which were been carried out since 1997, as well as the rare materials discovered in the archives in these countries. In 2002, "Minsker Kapelye" recorded its first CD, "A Fayerl far dem Hartzn" ("A Sparkle for the Heart"), followed by "Minsk - Kielce - Berlin - Ferment" in 2006 with Paul Brody's "Sadawi", and "The Locals (Tuteyshyia / Di Ortike) in 2008. The ensemble also appears on the non-commercial CD project "Kalyhanki" ("Lullabies") produced by UNICEF in Belarus; this CD was awarded the The Project of the Year 2007 title in Belarus. The ensemble performs widely throughout Europe Minsker Kapelye are: Tatsiana Kukel (Belarusian soprano and alto cymbalom), Hanna Kharchanka (cello), and Dmitri Slepovitch (clarinet, piano, vocals). Web: E-mail Minsker Kapelye. (Dmitri Slepovitch)

    MiraMar Klezmers play joyous, heartfelt, new and traditional Jewish Music for concerts, weddings and other celebrations,the band is located in the greater Washington D.C. area. Although we play familiar American standards, we also focus on the many varieties of Jewish music, especially Klezmer, which began as instrumental music played at Jewish weddings celebrations in Eastern Europe. MiraMar Klezmers has 5 members: clarinet, accordion, banjo-mandolin, trombone and drums. Although we love to perform together , we're also available in small combos. MiraMar Klezmers recorded "Al Hanissim/Adir Hu" for the Chanukah Feast CD for Hungry for Music (2004). Tel: 301 933 8159. E-mail MiraMar Klezmers. (Mira Yemini)

    Les Mishegos (Paris, France) "doux dingues" en yiddish est une jeune formation qui s'est formée en 1999 et s'est produite dans de nombreux bars et fêtes privées. Constituée de quatre musiciens : Marthe Desrosières à la flûte, instigatrice du projet, Julien Varin au tuba, Claudine Movsessian à la clarinette et Éric Achille à la guitare électrique assurant les arrangements musicaux, les Mishegos participent à ce renouveau de la musique klezmer dont les graines semées aux États-Unis, commencent à donner quelques bourgeons dans l'hexagone... Web: E-mail Les Mishegos. (Marthe Desrosières)

    Mishkalé is a Turin, Piedmont, Italian klezmer band. Six musicians: Sergio Appendino on clarinet, Andrea Verza on trumpet and flugelhorn, Enrico Allavena on trombone, Massimo Marino on accordion, Maurizio Mallen on tuba, Luciano Molinari on drums. The group’s repertoire is made up of klezmer, gypsy and balkan music in general, with a hint of popular Italian music here and there. The group like to dip into East European culture, while not forgetting their own roots, alternating between pieces that are full of rhythm and spontaneity, and that contain references and quotes from the music and traditions of their own country Mishkalé has an extremely varied musical background, a mixture of classically, jazz trained musicians and those of entirely popular or ethnic extraction. The Mishkalé project was born in 2001 from an idea of Sergio Appendino, a musician fascinated by Eastern European traditional music. In 2005 the first CD “Mishkale Klezmer and Gipsy Music” was released: a project with a band of 8 members. In the following years Mishkalé have modified the band and chosen a style and sounds mainly focused on klezmer, sometimes including traditional music from the Balkans. This was to testify that Jewish and Eastern European cultures have always been in contact by means of constant exchanges. In this new project, named "Tanz Tanz" beside the research for new sounds and the development of creativity by adding elements of improvisation, the desire to create a traditional repertoire with a modern touch clearly emerges. This modernity is conveyed particularly through the arrangements, written mainly by the trumpet player Andrea Verza. Tel: +393383445671 Maurizio. Web: E-mail Mishkalé. (Maurizio Mallen)

    Mishpokhe (A Traditional Family Klezmer Band), based in Culver City, CA, originated around 20 years ago as "Close Enough for Klezmer." Our children have since grown up and become accomplished professional musicians who have replaced nearly all the original members. The band includes Danny on keyboard, trumpet and vocals, daughters Claire and Paula on violin and bass, nephew Jeff on clarinet, and often brother-in-law Bernie, a founding member, on trumpet. We supplement the band with additional klezmorim such as a guitarist/singer/MC and/or drummer when necessary. Many of our listeners have told us that their enjoyment of our music is enhanced by the fact we really are Mishpokhe. Klezmer music has been in our family for nearly 100 years and we hope to keep passing it down from generation to generation indefinitely. Please contact us for a sample of our music. E-mail Mishpokhe. (Danny Bergen)

    Mitzfits are an Ithaca, NY-based klezmer ensemble featuring Rima Grunes (violin), Melissa Kacalanos (percussion), allen lutins (clarinet), Bob Wyttenbach (cello) and Ryan Zawel (trombone). Web: Email: Mitzfits (Rima Grunes)

    Monde Caché Klezmer, San Antonio, TX, is a Jewish repertory group specializing in instrumental klezmer, Ladino songs, Yiddish swing, Jewish tango, and related genres. The project shares this rich cultural heritage with the community, through concerts and educational outreach events. For presenters who'd like to book the Mission City Klezmorim, funding is available through the City of San Antonio at Tel: 210-643-1598. Web: E-mail Monde Caché Klezmer. (Katchie & Rich Oppenheim)

    Monsieur Camembert is from Sydney, Australia. Brimming with humour, theatricality & spontaneity, this acclaimed Australian 6-piece compbo mixes the wild Gypsy rhythms of Eastern Europe with klezmer and jazz. The first album, "live on stage" was released in August 2001. The second, "Absynthe", in 2003. The band includes: Yaron Hallis - lead vocals, rhythm guitar; Svetlana Bunic - accordion, vocals; Julian Curwin - lead guitar, vocals; Edouard Bronson - tenor/soprano sax, clarinet, flute, vocals; Vladimir Khusid - trumpet/flugelhorn; Mark Szeto - double bass, vocals; Shenton Gregory - violin, vocals. Contact: Yaron Hallis, Box 93, Terrey Hills, Sydney NSW Australia. Tel: 61-2-94-566-848. Web: E-mail Monsieur Camembert. (Yaron Hallis)

    The Moors were founded by Elaine and Ken Edwards in Hastings on the south coast of England in 2009. Our influences include Balkan gypsy music, klezmer, mediaeval Sephardic melodies, Cuban rhythms, jazz, blues, folk and rock music, and we play original compositions as well as arrangements of traditional music. The line-up is soprano sax/flute/piccolo, violin, electric guitar, bass guitar/vocals, drums/vocals. Tel: (+44)1424 431271. Web: E-mail The Moors. (Ken Edwards)

    Moriah is a klezmer band based in Norfolk, UK, one of the only klezmer bands in the UK. We put our own slant on many traditional Jewish tunes, along with a few original compositions. We produced all our arrangements ourselves, and our shows are always energetic and enjoyable for everyone. Web: E-mail Moriah. (David Hoare)

    Mostly Kosher is a klezmer band based in Southern California, but has the feel of Lower Eastside New York depression era with a 1930s radio show format. Directed by the multi-talented clarinetist, pianist and singer, Leeav Sofer, Mostly Kosher is already making a name in the klezmer world. Leeav is joined by Janice “Rachele the Matchmaker” Mautner Markham on violin and shtick as well as Casey Solow, Mike King, Will Brahm, Adam Levy, Josh Friedman and Sean Fitzpatrick. Guest soloists have included Cantor Faith Steinsneider and Cantor Judy Sofer. Web: E-mail Mostly Kosher. (Janice Mautner Markham)

    Music Trio from Jerusalem has been on the stage for 9 years. The ensemble was founded as ensemble soloists of "LAMA LO!". The members of the ensemble are Roman Kekhman (Clarinets and Saxophones), Yakov Entin (Violin and Guitars), Bella Kresin ( Piano). The "Music Trio from Jerusalem" presents a new view of traditional Jewish folklore by blending traditional klezmer music with elements of classical, jazz , Russian and Middle Eastern ethnic music, thus forming the bright individual and creative manner of the group. "Music Trio from Jerusalem" makes the Jewish music art understandable and enjoyable by any audience regardless its national origin and cultural values. Web: E-mail Musical Trio from Jerusalem. (Bella Kresin)

    Muzzuki, Tel Aviv, Israel, is energetic band that plays a great variety of rhythms and provides phenomenal music and entertainment for any event. Plays a great variety of music and styles such as Israeli, Greek, American, Jewish & world music. Muzzuki Band will travel anywhere they can make you happy. Tel: (972)-052-424-5064. Web: E-mail Muzzuki. (Meir Shitrit)

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