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Feast of the East, Toronto, Ont, CA, Dec 3

graphic from lula websiteWednesday December 3
Wednesdays Monthly November 5. December 3. January 21 2004. February 18 2004
Dance your ass off…guaranteed!

Doors Open @ 7:00 pm Balkan, Jewish+ Arabic Dance Class @ 8pm
Concert @9pm
Admission $15 Student $12
Lula Lounge
1585 Dundas Street West
Dinner Reservations Recommended 416.588.0307

On November 5, Lula Lounge & David Buchbinder inaugurated "Feast of the East," an unprecedented series of Wednesday night dance parties that feature funked-up dance rhythms from Eastern Europe and the Middle East.

Drawing on the music of the Jews, Arabs, Greeks and Roma, the sound of Feast of the East is the sound of radical roots: traditional, yet filtered through the prism of Toronto, a rainbow of the world’s richest colours. Feast of the East dance-music hybrid features numerous local jazz luminaries and a plethora of globally-grounded musical friends. Feast of the East harmonious intoxication presents a challenge to all those who delight in dance . Join us for our first step into Feast of the East - if you are not moved to dance, we’ll refund your cover charge!

Feast of the East is built around ensembles led by trumpeter and composer David Buchbinder, including the expanded, dance version of his Flying Bulgar Klezmer Band (Eastern European Jewish fusion music), Buchbinder’s Brass (Roma dance music) & Medina (Arabic music), as well as hot world music band Maza Meze performing Greek & Arabic dance music. Feast… will be dedicated to creating not only one of the hottest dance parties in Toronto but a complete event, with visual and olfactory delights to accompany the expected auditory awesomeness.

In addition to the music Feast of the East will feature: The Roulettes-awesomely hip Bellydance troupe led by Roula Said ~ Dance lessons in Jewish, Balkan & Arabic dance ~ the Belly-a-Go-Go pillar dancers ~ the Shisha Smoking Lounge (authentic Middle Eastern hookah experience)

Musicians (for the first two events) include: David Buchbinder, Dave Wall, Marilyn Lerner, Andrew Downing, Daniel Barnes, Bob Stevenson, John Johnson, Stephen Donald, Levon Ickhanian, William Carn, Debashis Sinha, Rick Shadrach Lazar, Mai Kelly, Jeff Wilson, Robert Botos ; Maryem Tollar, Ernie Tollar, Sophia Gregoriadas, Jennifer Moore, Debashis Sinha, , Jayne Brown, John Gzowski Brenna McCrimmon

Toronto DJ MEDICINEMAN is known for his adventurous blends of musical styles and sonic landscapes. For the past two years he has hosted 'No Man's Land' on CIUT radio and has earned a reputation for his on-going exploration into the evolution of world music. His sets flow from soothing ancient rhythms and textures through rippling primitive and progressive beats, always challenging musical boundaries and traditions.

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