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Yes, I have new reviews, too

I always hope to get more CDs reviewed in a week than actually happens. Then I put off the announcement so that I don't have to put up several announcements all at once. Time to stop this nonesense and let people know about three excellent new releases and one that I missed from a few years ago, and have now reviewed:

album coverSince I roomed with Jonno Lightstone, bandleader of Hu Tsa Tsa, back in 1996 at KlezCamp, I am especially thrilled to review his band's first release. We've both changed since that time. In Hu Tsa Tsa's case, the changes have resulted in an even better band, and a lovely "chamber-music"-like recording in Well-Tempered Klezmorim.

album coverThis is something that I don't usually review, but I was quite stuck by the simple clarity of these pieces as performed by an ensemble new to me from Jerusalem in memorial to the composer. There is quite a lovely back story, as well. I think that you will be charmed, too, by this Woman of Valor.

album coverI have been on a roll with Tzadik albums lately. How I missed this one from 1999 I don't know, but it has actually been sitting out there on the changer awaiting review for quite some time. And I still find it remarkable. I hope it is still in print, but in all cases, I think Oren Ambarchi and Robbie Avenaim / The Alter Rebbe's Nigun is worth finding and listening to.

album coverThis second outing by Beyond the Pale is even more interesting than the first. It's a sort of post-klezmer world music—envision with your ears, perhaps, what Dawg music would sound like if David Grisman had started off as a klezmer! Then check out the new album, Consensus, and agree with me.

As usual, more coming soon, as I find time to finish the reviews and get them online. Bear with me and pay good attention—Chanukah is coming, and if gift-giving is part of your celebration of the season (if rather irrelevant to traditional Chanukah) these, and more to come will be most welcome by all.

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