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Last reviews of 5782

It's been a busy month as I rush through a scattering of mostly non-Klezmer, not even necessarily Jewish recordings that matter a lot to me, and as I get ready for a slew of new Yiddish art song and related music that has recently fallen my way.

  • First up, one of my favorite assemblages of New York Jews, Breslov Bar Band / Holy Chutzpah, 2022. Their first release since, I dunno, 2010?
  • Next, I cannot thank Alex Fedoriouk, the Cleveland cimbalom master enough for releasing this recording—many tunes based on Ukrainian themes. At the time, who knew what was to come: CCX - Cross-Cultural X-permidment / The Vanguard.
  • I have loved this album for years. I am not sure why it did not get a timely review. The arrival of a new CD archival cabinet forced me to look through CDs that had not gotten their day on the web, and here is Anakronic Electro Orkestra / Noise in Sepher from 2011.
  • Old friend Glenn Dickson never ceases to surprise me with new ways of listening and playing. This solo recording is a treat, and perfect for welcoming the new year: Glenn Dickson / Wider than the sky, 2022.
  • I confess that I have loved Iraqi music for longer than I have loved klezmer. Now there is a new recording from a recent Bostonian. You will quickly understand why I fell in love with the genre: Yoni Avi Battat / Fragments, 2022.
  • One of my favorite dreams is the idea of "re-imagining" old traditions. That what Lily Henley / Oras Dezaoradas, 2022, has done to traditional (and new) Ladino song. May we all be renewed.
  • May we all be written for a sweet, healthy, and good New Year, 5783. And may my shoulder continue to heal!